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  1. Hello Irfan, how r u? I have installed Backtrack 5 on my Hard drive partition, it's working fine except " WIFI " ,whenever i want to connect with WIFI through " Wicd Network Manager " it give me a message like " Connection Failed:Bad Password ".
    After that i upgrade " (sudo apt-get dist-upgrade) " , now when i am opening " Wicd Network Manager " my WIFI connection is not displaying , my WIFI card ("Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter).So, kindly tell me how to resolve this . I am really stuck with my problem. I need your suggestion. Please reply

  2. well backtrack 5 always give a problem on wifi connection, if wicd is not working for you then use terminal to get. I can't publish a whole article but i will recommend you to use this technique

    For GUI :)

  3. I would like to know more information about WPA and WPA2 hacking I have seen many tutorials and videos but I would like someone to actually go deeper into the Protocol. Also I am new the ethical hacking and I am studying the CEH I would like to get more information on this so I can be a better hacker or PenTester.


  4. hello..irfan..i want to learn more about latest phishing technique i.e facebok.

  5. Hi .. i want to work with back track 5 OS but i am not familiar with programming or working in commend mode ... can you plz guide me in it ..!
    awaiting for your reply buddy ...

  6. Hey dude hi...........You are doing great job............
    I need Some Help working with Social Engg Toolkit ... i want to put out put in database probably mysql ......can u help me out

  7. Hi, Friends, i really need your help! My close friend has created fake facebook a/c on my name & uploaded my photos too.So friends i request to hack his fake facebook a/c.
    Name: Dan Koksi Sangma

  8. HI,
    well from months myself looking around but couldn't solve my question is about penetration testing KALI LINUX its a normal linux like normal my point of view i just wanted to install kali linux into my external USB HDD so that i need i can boot from my external USB HDD ok remember i am not taking about live boot.i am OK with that.i just wanted to complete install like windows.the problem comes when i make live USB PEN_DRIVE to install into my EXTERNAL USB HDD everything goes perfect with successfully but when i restart my laptop n boot from my USB HDD FROM BIOS its gives me a GRUB RESCUE even i had try to repair my grub but fail than i had remove my laptop internal HARD DRIVE than make a try with USB HDD live Kali Linux to select into my external USB HDD same everything goes perfect with last final grub installation than i reinstall my main INTERNAL HDD into my laptop and connect my EXTERNAL USB HDD n from bios boot from USB HDD
    same problem GRUB RESCUE even i cant repair with same live kali linux so kindly help me out how to fix this problem i don't want to do DUAL boot just complete different .DO REPLY...

  9. You have posted this comment on September and that time this was the common problem that community was facing, it was not your fault but it was a bug that been resolved by Kali Linux developers.

    Download a fresh version and then try the same procedure, you are doing it correctly. I am also not talking about live kali usb but to install kali in US, make sure your USB has enough storage to store temp files. Also make sure the dynamic nature of OS.


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