What Proxies Are For

When you cannot access certain sites or hide your identity, you need a tool for that. For example, the USA proxies are in demand among those who want to visit American-only stores and other sites. Here we break it down a bit to show how a proxy can do you good and how to choose a proxy service for your comfort and safety.

Proxy for Privacy

When you need to hide your real identity, you can use another name, create a new email and register new accounts on social media with it, even adopt another style for your messages. But there is your IP address that reveals your location and enables the site admins to compare the data with your previous activity. Your IP can also be used by your Internet provider to log your activity, so they see which sites you visit.

To avoid this, you need a proxy. Your provider will only see you visit this proxy and not the sites you are in. The sites you visit will not contact your actual IP address but that of your proxy. This intermediary server hides you.

A proxy server also accelerates your Internet connection. It saves tons of data on its own storage, so when you want to access a popular resource, you fetch the data from the proxy rather than from the origin. It may get obsolete in seconds but constant refreshing solves this too.

Proxy for Access

Along with security concerns, there are others about the content you can access. The Internet was created to be global, but there are regional restrictions all around the world. If you want the World Wide Web to be what it was intended to be, you need a proxy to:

  •       Bypass the limitations your authorities or corporate admins impose on certain sites or services.
  •       Bypass the limitations site administrators established for its visitors.
  •       Access content meant for certain countries only if you are not in one of them.

With a good multipoint proxy, you can easily change your region and pretend you are from somewhere else.

The Other Side of Proxies

Are there any drawbacks to using proxies? Let’s see some examples:

  •       While proxies can accelerate your connection, they can as well slow it down, depending on the assigned bandwidth. You can see it if you install Opera and try it with its native free VPN on. Many sites which normally load lightning fast now can take many seconds.
  •       Good proxies are usually paid. And even as you pay, your data volume is usually limited (the volume depends on the plan). 
  •       Often you need to reveal your actual location for certain services to function. For example, it’s bank sites and apps, online stores, even streaming and cloud storage.

Does this mean you don’t need a proxy? You do. You just know when and why to use it.

Travel the World from Your Desktop

If you live an active life online, you need a proxy that supports many regions, provides a decent data volume, and offers it for an affordable price. Mobile apps and browser extensions are also a good thing. With this tool, you can access almost any region in the world without much effort. 

Ehacking Staff
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