List of Educational Websites for Students

Knowledge is the most powerful human tool. With its help, you can build yourself a happy future. Colleges and universities teach students the skills they use to build their careers. But many students choose not to dwell on basic knowledge. They enroll in extra courses or read additional educational literature. In the 21st century, it is very convenient to find new knowledge on the Internet. That is why today we will compile a list of educational websites for students.


If you want to reach success with minimum effort then this website is just for you. Studyfy is a perfect tool that can help students find whatever they need. There are many different services here. There are free tutorials and guides that can teach you how to learn and do homework quickly and efficiently.

On the website, you can read the plot summary and overview of famous novels. Also, you can find math homework help or essay editing service if you need personal assistance. Professional support can give you perfect advice and can teach you with examples.

Studyfy has a bunch of writing tools. Word counter will count words, sentences, and paragraphs. Essay title and thesis statement generators will help you create a good title and thesis statement in 3 clicks. Once registered, you can use tools such as grammar and plagiarism checker, essay summarizer, spell checker, and GPA calculator.

Anyone can order a private tutor for such sciences as mathematics, physics, chemistry, literature, foreign languages, electrical engineering, programming, and so on. You can relax and confidently write the exam after such a lesson. Studyfy is a great educational website for students that can solve nearly any question.

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Khan Academy

A young student may think that a lot of money must be paid for a good education. But it’s not always the case. Access to good education is one of the fundamentals of human rights. For this reason, many international organizations set themselves the goal of carrying the fire of Prometheus to people around the Earth. Khan Academy is one of these organizations.

Khan Academy is a famous platform that shares knowledge with all ages and nationalities. On their website, you can find thousands of video tutorials, training programs, and helpful exercises. There are informative materials on any subject. All of this knowledge is created by professionals. They sacrifice their time and energy to create a great generation.

The most important feature of this academy is open and free access. Anyone can visit this site and learn as much as they want. Khan Academy will be an excellent tool for gaining new knowledge and skills.

Internet Archive:

Books remain the most effective source of knowledge. With its help, humanity has exchanged information for hundreds of years. They still remain a relevant tool in education. But times have changed, and now no one collects books on shelves. Everything went online. And many libraries are trying to keep up with innovations. often helps them in this.

This platform collects and stores the originals of many sites and sources. There are books, videos, pictures, articles, audio, and software. More than 5.5 million books can be read on the site. The books are written in different languages ​​on different topics. With so many, you will surely be able to find yourself material on any topic.

Why go to your local library when you have it on your phone or tablet? Plus, you don’t have to reserve and turn in the book. You will definitely save yourself time. is a great website for saving students, especially during the COVID-19 era.

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Online courses have only recently become popular. But their number is already skyrocketing. Now hundreds of platforms offer millions of online courses on thousands of different topics. While many of these platforms are noteworthy, today we’ll be looking at Edx.

Edx is distinguished by being one of the world leaders in MOOC platforms. MOOC stands for massive open online courses. Edx gained its leadership thanks to an unusual business approach. The fact is that half of the courses on this platform are absolutely free. And only the second part of the courses are paid. That strategy attracts new users. But it isn’t its only advantage.

At the same time, both types of courses are created by professionals in their field. Edx partners with world-famous universities and professors. So you can be sure that you are guaranteed to receive up-to-date knowledge of excellent quality.


The Masterclass platform needs to be added to this list. This is because it is unique in its form. These are also online courses, but the distinguishing feature is that each course is created by a famous professional. You will receive lessons from celebrities such as Gordon Ramsey, David Lynch, deadmau5, Serena Williams, Aaron Sorkin and more. You will certainly find a familiar face or name in categories such as art, writing, food, music, sport, science and so on.

With such a variety, you will not get bored. An interesting video format will help you understand the recipe for success. Each lesson is 25 minutes long and an average course takes two to five hours. You have the option to buy one specific course or subscribe and get access to hundreds of different ones. It’s a real catch not only for students but also for anyone interested in picking up new skills and improving on old ones.

Final words

Education went online. Websites and online courses have replaced libraries and tutors. The student is forced to adapt and bookmark educational websites in the browser to stay at the peak of success. The sites that we have examined today will definitely help a young student to become a specialist in any business.

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List of Educational Websites for Students

Knowledge is the most powerful human tool. With its help, you can build yourself a happy future. Colleges and universities teach students the skills...