How to Reset Kali Linux Root Password?

Forgot the Kali Linux root password? Stress not! This tutorial discusses the steps to reset Kali Linux system password. Follow the steps, and you will get it done within minutes.

Boot Into GRUB menu

Start/restart the system -> Press ‘e’ to modify the boot menu.

Boot Into GRUB menu

Edit GRUB menu

Use navigational arrows to scroll down to the end of the menu -> Look for the keyword ‘Linux’ on the left side of the menu -> Replace ‘ro’ with ‘rw’ and ‘quite splash’ with ‘init=/bin/bash.’

Edit GRUB menu

Check RW Permissions on Root Partition

Press ‘clt+x’ to go into command-line mode -> input ‘mount’ to ensure the RW permission is mounted to the root partition.

Reset Kali Root Password

Type ‘passwd’ -> Prompt will appear to enter the new password, input that -> Verify the new password -> Password updated successfully.

Reboot System

Reboot the system using the following command ‘exec /sbin/init.’

Reboot System

That’s it. This is how you can reset root account password of your Kali Linux machine.

Sana Qazi
Sana Qazi is a technical writer specialized in Information Security. She enjoys writing about technology and reading multiple genres like suspense. When not writing, she can be found traveling, dinning out, watching series etc. She manages her medium blog as well.

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