15 Cool Math Websites For Students Worth Visiting 

How can someone pass their math class when they find the subject boring and can’t bring themselves to study it? Well, here are a couple of suggestions. There is no doubt math is not an easy subject. Solving pages and pages of equations can be a daunting task. 

Even after hours of practice, they don’t find the correct answer. Moreover, the long steps prove to be a mind maze. These circumstances can be demotivating for anyone. They will feel like their efforts are going to waste, and they will fail their class. But it doesn’t mean that they should give up.

Many services help students with their work. Even those working at a university take outside help from time to time. They can use the research paper writing service if they find their academic assignments difficult. This way, they can save their grade.

So, when students are having trouble with math, they can check out online math resources.  This article will list some helpful math websites that will make learning fun for students. Moreover, it will also help them grasp concepts. So keep reading. 

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Best Websites For Learning Math

Different websites cater to different grades. Some of them are free while others are not. The details of each website are given.

1. Math Playground

Math Playground aims to make learning math fun. The genius behind the website is a school teacher. She designed a series of games. These games focus on logic, number skills practice, algebra, geometry. The motto of her website is “Play with Numbers and Give Your Brain a Workout.” There’s a separate section focusing only on Singapore Math.

2. Cool Math Games 

Cool Math Games is what the name suggests. The website has all kinds of math games. The most prominent one is the jigsaw puzzle game. These puzzles help develop spatial relations in kids. Moreover, there is a section that focuses on calculus too. Students can strengthen calculus concepts with middle and elementary school games.

3. BBC KS2 Bitesize

BBC KS2 Bitesize is to help British students especially. The website incorporates local elements like British humor. So the learning experience is more personalized. The website focuses on basic concepts like multiples, addition, subtractions. It also deals with decimals and factors. Students can get in good practice and solidify their basics.

4. Funbrain

Funbrain is an old website. It has been working since 1997. There are a series of games that focus on building basic math concepts in kids. The games are for kids from grades K to 8 and are entirely free.

5. WebMath 

If people are having trouble with their homework, then Web math is their best buddy. They can enter any question they might have regardless of the topic. Web math will find the answer. Not only that, but it will also explain the steps. So they will have no confusion and can solve the problem on their own. 

6. Mashup Math

Mashup Math is for students in grades K to 8. The website has a YouTube channel with almost 100+ videos. There are also weekly lesson video uploads. Moreover, there is an e-book with several math challenges. Learners can use it for practice.

7. National Library Of Virtual Manipulatives (NVML)

This library has a wide range of questions. Public funds support the project. So, it’s completely free. It showcases concept tutorials. Moreover, there are many unique interactive web-based manipulatives. From K to 12, there’s something here for everyone. 

8. Manga High

Manga High also provides students with a fun learning environment. They can play a series of games to grasp math concepts. Moreover, they can also compete with their friends. Thus the website also helps promote healthy competition. It provides these services in the free version. In the paid version, teachers can track their students’ progress.

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9. Math Blaster 

At Math Blaster, students can learn math as they go on intergalactic missions. The theme of the website is set around aliens and space. As they solve math exercises, they become a stronger hero. The website is free to use though it requires registration with an email. There’s also a Teacher Section on the website.

9. Khan Academy 

Khan Academy provides free education to everyone. They have a series of videos focusing on different topics. It caters to all classes. A practice test follows each lesson. Students get an explanation if they answer it wrong. Moreover, they can retake the test as many times as they want. 

10. IXL Math 

IXL math is a paid website. It focuses on the math of all classes from K to 12. It lets students engage in math through real-world scenarios. The website has endless questions. Teachers can also choose exercises for students to practice.

11. That Quiz

If Students are looking to solve math quizzes for good practice, then That Quiz is their answer. They can practice simple arithmetic questions or complicated calculus problems. They can choose the skill level. Moreover, they can also set the number of problems and the duration of the test. At the end of it, they will get a report. The resource is entirely free of cost. 

12. Buzz Math

BuzzMath is for middle schoolers – grades 6 to 9. The website presents students with problems and then gives immediate feedback. So, they can improve. Teachers also receive detailed reports about their students. The website has a free demo version, but users have to pay a subscription for the exclusive perks.

14. Art Of Problem Solving 

Art of Problem Solving features math videos and online classes. It has a big question bank. Moreover, it also provides practice by presenting math problems from math contests. The website is for students from grades 2 to 12. It’s not free and requires a small amount of money.

15. Varsity Learning 

The Varsity Learning website is a comprehensive resource for high school students. The website has course templates and assignments. Students can choose from thousands of practice questions. They also have the option of saving videos and questions. Moreover, the website is free.


Summing it up, math can be challenging and tiresome. But with the appropriate tools and resources, it can become doable. This article has listed a list of websites that guarantee to make it easy for everyone. By using these resources, students will for sure pass their math class. Who knows, people might even start enjoying math after using them. 

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