How Safe are Online Casinos in the USA?

Many people in the US started playing online casinos in the past five years. Surprisingly, online gambling used to be legal in the 1990s and early 2000s. But the Bush government banned it in 2006. In 2011, the Department of Justice, while responding to a letter from New York and Illinois, clarified that the Wire Act of 1961 didn’t affect online casinos.

In 2012, Delaware authorized online casinos. New Jersey followed next in 2013 while Nevada permitted online poker in 2015. Pennsylvania followed the trend in 2017 before West Virginia and more states embraced the industry.

With that in mind, not every state permits online casinos. As a result, the safety of iGaming businesses varies. Below is a list of how to check for safe betting websites in the US.

Valid Licenses

The first mark of a safe online casino is a valid license. The online gambling sector is governed at a state level, so you need to look for genuine licenses from states that permit online casinos. In New Jersey, online casinos acquire licenses from the Department of Gaming Enforcement. In Pennsylvania, the Gaming Control Board runs the show.

Most online casinos display their license providers at the bottom of their websites. In fact, they also include a link to verify that their licenses are genuine. If you don’t have the time for that, though, check a list of the best online casinos in the USA at scams.info.

The website does the heavy lifting for you. It looks out for multiple casinos across the US. Then it ranks the best operators based on their reputation, games, bonuses, and other factors.

Security and Transparency

Whether your goal is to play a few slots on the weekends or play poker professionally, you deserve a casino that takes care of your security. They should encrypt your data so that neither hackers nor anyone else can decrypt it.

Then they should give you tools to secure your account. Password protection is great. But if they also support two-factor authentication, your account will be more secure. Another way US online casinos provide safety is to keep your data securely.

Many casinos collect some of your personal data to give you a better experience or to comply with state laws. Nonetheless, they have the obligation of protecting it. They should also be transparent about how they use it for reassurance.

Fair Games from Leading Developers

The main goal of finding an online casino to play slot or card games. Because you’ll be risking your money, it’s only fair that you play a casino with fair games. They should also pay at above average rates to avoid giving the casinos too much of an advantage.

Many online casinos don’t create the games they provide to players. They lease them from third-party developers based in the US or Europe. Locally, IGT and Scientific Games are the most established providers of online casino games.

Internationally, there are slots-developing giants like Microgaming, NetEnt, BTG, Play’nGO, Playtech and Betsoft. Then there’s Evolution, the most respected brand for live casino games. For the uninitiated, live casino games work through web cameras to let you play card games with real people in real time.

As mentioned, there’s more to casino games than fairness. For example, you want a variety of games so that you’re not limited to a small catalog of slots and card games. Then they need to payout well and feature high-quality graphics. They should also work on mobile devices.

Safe Banking Choices

Another sign of a safe casino is its banking partners. If they are safe, then it’s a casino you can trust. But if it accepts payments through methods you can’t trace—say crypto or Wire transfer, then you should exercise caution.

To be clear, both wire transfer and Bitcoin are safe banking options. But these shouldn’t be the only available payment methods. Look for an operator that also accepts Visa or MasterCard and e-wallets if you prefer to pay through PayPal and Google Pay.

Many online casinos in the US are operated by brick and mortar brands like MGM Resorts, Caesars, Sugar House and Borgata Casino. Due to this, they have “cash cages” through which you can deposit cash and get codes to redeem at their online casinos.

Although you want a casino with safe payment methods, there are more important things to check. For example, look at the deposit and withdrawal limits. They should be in line with your budget. Also, check the fees charges and the time it takes for a casino to payout to winners.

Available Communication Methods

No matter how lucky you’re, there’s always a chance you’ll need customer service at online casinos. You might experience a payment delay—you’ll need customer service to sought out the issue. Or a game you might be playing could crash and you’ll need the support team to help you.

The best casinos in the US provide customer service in various ways, from live chatbots and emails to phone calls and FAQ pages. Live chatbots provide the best way to contact casinos because you can get quick help. The next best option is emails, mainly if a casino replies to messages within 24 hours.


You probably already know this—reputation is an important sign of a safe online casino. It gives out more details about a company that you could only discover if you’re a regular customer. For example, let’s say a website hides some of their bonus policies.

That’s a sign of an untrustworthy casino you can’t easily discover. Another issue is payout speed and consistency. The only way to know whether an operator pays out to winners consistently is to read online reviews.

Fortunately, we live in a world that idolizes reviews. According to a study published on Inc.com, 84% of Internet users trust reviews as much as they trust their friends. That’s alright. Many casino players are honest. They share the good and the bad of a casino when creating reviews. That way, you’ll know exactly what to expect from an operator before you sign up for an account.

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