How to Work Abroad in the Field of Cybersecurity

A career in the field of cybersecurity has always been dynamic, rapidly evolving, and technologically advanced. Professionals trained in protecting data, fending off cyberattacks, building robust defenses, and in related spheres, are highly in demand. Statistics indicate that by the year 2021, there could be an astounding 3.5 million jobs available in the global cybersecurity sector alone. If you’re considering this career field, know that it is thrilling, fast-paced, and highly lucrative. High-grade experts can command a salary ranging anywhere from $47,000 to $500,000 a year. Once you acquire the training and certification, you could look for a job anywhere in the world.

Where Can You Get Training & Accreditation?

Your first step would be to sign up for a reputable college where you can train in IT programs like, for example, MSc Cybersecurity Engineering and MSc Cybersecurity and Management. The base-level certification is CompTIA Security+ and you’ll need at least 2 years’ experience in the sector. Several online applications are available that can prove invaluable in your training. And, if you’re planning to get the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification, there are lots of opportunities to prepare, such as digital ISC² CISSP practice test tools.

Additional skills that help you advance your knowledge include programming, white hat or ethical hacking, computer forensics, decryption,  and reverse engineering. Training in related disciplines like psychology, persuasive language, economics, and data science will give you an extra edge. You’ll also want to be familiar with the concepts of cybernetics. These concepts are related to controlling devices and analyzing information.

Which Sectors Hire in Cybersecurity?

Professionals trained in the field of cybersecurity are highly in demand in just about every sector that is vulnerable to data breaches and hacking. A good option is the mergers and acquisitions sphere. By the year 2022, close to 60% of M&A companies are likely to include cybersecurity in their due diligence process. Larger corporations entering into mergers face a significant risk of malware infecting their entire systems when they buy smaller businesses.

Both acquiring and acquired companies run the risk of losses worth billions of dollars in case they have had a breach. When inviting bids and working out how to sell their technology company, business owners hire cybersecurity experts to check their systems for vulnerability. Patching holes before entering into partnerships is highly essential for the successful execution of the deal.

Where Would You Work?

Literally, anywhere with an internet connection! The rapid advancements of IT in every industry across the world have resulted in cybersecurity expertise becoming one of the topmost in demand. A good example is the agricultural sector. Administrations in developing countries are adopting technology solutions to poverty. Using satellite images, drones, airplanes, and other imaging solutions, it is possible to determine if farmers are using the best practices for productive agronomy.

Technology makes it possible to connect with farmers and train them in efficient production and marketing strategies. E-learning and distance education programs help in educating farmers and assist them in conducting transactions. They can also dispense with formal banking services thanks to the possibility of using cell phones to transfer money and collect payments.

All these processes are reliant on internet connectivity. Since networks providing internet systems are as yet underdeveloped and immature, they are more vulnerable to cybersecurity incidents. That’s where your skills as a trained IT expert are needed.

The possibilities for a cybersecurity professional are virtually endless. Consider training in the field and you could choose to work in just about any industry, anywhere in the world.

Ehacking Staff
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