5 Top Programming Languages for Hacking

We live in the 21st century, which is very fast-changing. This is a century of competition for information and computing resources. Every year the world of IT-technologies is becoming more dynamic. It is very difficult to follow the most trendy innovations. New technologies and devices appear every day.

Hacking is very essential in the sphere of IT technologies as well. However, it may be very hard to learn all the necessary skills. Some people don’t know what direction for development to choose. They are not sure what to read, learn, and practice, so that their field of knowledge does not lose relevance in 2-3 years.

In this article, we tried to collect programming languages ​​that you can safely take as the basis of hacking. It is unlikely that they will sink into oblivion in the coming years, as they are constantly being updated. Some of them can be truly called modern classics. This article is not a guide on how to become a hacker. This is a small cheat sheet, which, we hope, will help both novice hackers and more experienced ones. And if you are interested in any of them, then it is recommended to visit programming homework services provided by AssignmentCore. You can pay this company and hire a huge team of coding experts to do programming assignments for students and not only.


At its core, HTML is not a programming language. This is a beginning programming language for absolutely everyone. Moreover, given version 5, it allows you to write unpretentious online 3D games.

In any case, this is the basis of all Web hacking. Even for the sake of feeling respect for yourself, it would be nice to learn it. Very often, there are quite large sites that contain HTML codes. In such cases, it can be useful for hacking.

2. Javascript

Naturally, Javascript is the most widely used language for programming. Using this language, you can interact with the local computer of the potential victim. It is the most suitable programming language for creating cross-site scripts, and therefore, should be a priority for learning. After all, understanding the logic of JavaScript code can help to find the flaws of both front-end and background components of web applications.

3. SQL

Sites mainly store information in databases. And since SQL participates in requests for this information, it becomes a good study object for hackers. You won’t surprise anyone with SQL injection, but they still exist and are still dangerous, especially for business content owners. For hackers, the main thing is to know how to communicate with databases in the same language. In case of the absence of filtering, you can use this knowledge and get the information you need.

4. PHP

At this moment, we can surely say that this is a very popular dynamic programming language. It is mainly used on popular CMS such as WordPress. And, of course, the knowledge of this language will make it possible to hack this kind of system. Also, given that this is a scripting language on the side of the server, it can be used to develop programs for hacking the server itself.

5. Lisp

If we create a list of the oldest programming languages, we will put this one in second place. LISP is completely open and flexible, which makes it a good learning target for a hacker.

Reverse Engineering

After you learn about the best 5 programming languages for hackers, it is essential to study reverse engineering. Reverse engineering is used in hacking. Also, it can be useful to turn this knowledge against malware.

The most basic language for these manipulations is Assembler. It is quite complicated, and the instructions for each processor are different. Most likely, you need to be a good fan of all this to really learn it. However, in the end, you will get rewarded.

Top Tools for Hackers

Each more or less successful hacker has a set of favorite tools. There are a lot of utilities at the moment. Something has been developed recently, and some of them are older. But there are uncompromising tools that everyone should know about. Metasploit and Nmap are the most popular. Wireshark, Aircrack-ng, and John the Ripper are also essential. If you suddenly come across an unfamiliar name, then you should urgently fill in the blanks by reading some guides about them.


The article is written based on the experience and trends of the IT world. Of course, not everything was collected here, and someone’s beloved language was not mentioned. But the whole range of knowledge and the entire arsenal of hackers cannot be covered in one article.

In the end, we want to mention the Perl programming language, which was not included in the review. Purely for fun, it would be nice to go over the instructions and the manual of this language.

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