Basic steps to ensure security Online!

Security concerns are growing day by day due to the growing interconnectivity and technology. Drastic things can happen if you be a little careless of your online security. Almost every information available online is at the brink of getting compromised. One has to take certain measures in order to protect it. A prominent example that caused great loss to HBO was the hacking of Game of Thrones finale from HBO servers. The hackers earned a lifetime out of this one big hack.

Every information online whether it’s personal or business is in a great threat because of all the connectivity. Wherewith one-click internet finds us anything we want, on the other hand, it has also put us on the verge of great insecurity and the invasion of privacy.

Bruce Schneier is a world-renowned American cryptographer and security technologist, he once said with the precision that: If you think technology is going to solve the security problems, then you don’t really understand the problems and certainly haven’t understood the technology.

In order to get a secured connection, here is a guide for you to make your online presence all the more secure. The following are the most basic and necessary things to do when it comes to preventing yourself from security threats available online. To make your online presence secure, here are a few simple yet effective tactics:

1. Get yourself a reliable internet Connection:

Getting yourself a reliable internet connection is the primary step. A reliable internet service provider makes sure to secure service provision to its customers and clientele. They encrypt end to end data to prevent data breach and loss. To find yourself a reliable internet connection visit www.localcabledeals.com. I personally discovered this platform while finding the best internet provider in my area. It has the most amazing ISPs along with the economical collection of cable, internet and phone packages.

2. Change your Wi-Fi’s password frequently:

The simple and effective hack is to change your Wi-Fi password after a certain time. Some people let their devices default passwords to stay, which can prove to be extremely dangerous. Your default password is sort of public knowledge and anyone can get onto your connection easily. So the simple thing you can do for a secured connection is to keep changing your password after a certain period.

3.  Change your network’s name:

A usual practice by most of the people – we don’t really change our network’s name which usually is by the company’s name or the model of the device. Such practices make your connection more prone to hackers and intruders. It provides hackers with the make and model of your modem, which can prove to be of great help in breaking into the system.

4.  Do use VPN:

Make sure to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) whenever you’re on the internet, because VPN acts as a bridge between you and the internet, it provides you access from a third party server. It keeps your identity hidden and prevents you from encountering spies etc.

5. Do turn on your machine’s firewall:

The firewall prevents the machine from malicious viruses and attacks. We tend to turn off our firewalls in order to use some software or to get rid of those firewall updates notifications – it is a very risky move and actually opens a safe passage for the intruders and malicious attacking items. So, better turn on your firewall to save your data from unauthorized access.

6. Update your device firmware:

The hackers are always keen on the loopholes and actually perform deep analysis in order to spot them out. Keep your DSL’s or devices firmware updated. Companies keep introducing the updated firmware to prevent your devices and connections from hackers and intruders.

Keep your device up to date and do research about the new firmware available in the market which is compatible with your device.


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