How to Fix Outlook PST and OST Problem with these Solutions

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used platforms to send and receive emails. At times the Outlook can show errors while sending or receiving emails because a connection to the server was not found or there might be corruption in OST/PST file. The OST and PST file can be corrupted for the following reasons.
The OST/PST files can be corrupt if the hard drive in which data is stored is affected by bad sectors
Viruses present in the computer may have deleted the OST/PST file causing corruption.
Failure of network cards or any other interruption while the emails are being sent or received over the network
Event of power failure in the computer, while the Outlook is running and accessing Outlook data can cause damage to the OST/PST files.
Closing the Outlook, while the application is running will lead to the incomplete transfer of data, this can cause corruption of the PST files on the computer
However, there is a way to perform OutlookPST repair with the help of PST repair tool in simple steps.Microsoft also provides Inbox Repair Tool to repair the Outlook files.

How to repair OST files

Click on Start  at the bottom leftcorner of the screen and type Command Prompt in the search field, select the first option that appears
Look for User Account option to the left of the screen and click on it
Now, select the Mail option
Now, in mail setup click on Show Profile button
Select the Outlook profile that you want to fix and click on Properties
Next, click on the Email Account button, select the Data file tab
Select the account that is broken and click on Open File Location option
Now, you will be able to find the OST file account with issues, right-click on the folder and delete the folder
After performing the above steps, open the Outlook to recreate the account that had issues

How to repair PST files

Use Windows Key+R and copy the path C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficerootOffice16((Note: depending on the Outlook version replace “Office16” with the appropriate Outlook version)
?     Double click on the SCANPST.EXE file and select Browse button
?     Now, select the PST file to be repaired and click on Open
?     Next, click on the Start button
?     Check the Make a backup of scanned file before repairing option
Click on Repair button to start the repair process
The above steps will help you in repairing the PST file after with the help of the Inbox Repair Tool. After the scanning is complete open the Outlook and checks if the issue is solved.

Repair Outlook Data Files using PST Repair Tool

Although SCANPST helps in repairing PST files, it is not capable of repairing bigger file sizes. The other alternative is to use SFWare PST Repair Tool. This software can help you repair large PST file in quick time. Download Outlook PST repair tool and follow the below
Launch the application and on the main screen click on Find PST file option
Next, click on Find, then select the PST file and click on Next
Now, check the Smart Scan option and select a suitable location to output the repaired files
Next, click on Repair to start the repairing process
Once the Outlook files are repaired check the destination folder to use the repaired files.


SCANPST is one of the troubleshooting methods that the user can employ to repair Outlook data files. However, the inbox repair tool may fail to repair files in case of larger file size. There are cases where SCANPST has stopped working in the middle of a scanning
session. This is because the tool is designed to repair a lower level of corruption of the outlook data file. Due to the incomplete repair process, the user may not be able to access data. SFWare PST Repair tool overcomes this limitation, the software is capable of repairing larger outlook data files in no time.


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