6 Main Reasons Why Cyber Crime Is Growing – Most Preferable Actions to Take in 2019

Why Cyber crime is growing

If your thinking level is the same as other people, you maybe lock the doors of your house or flat when you’re not present there. It’s not difficult to do it on a daily basis. It is a cultural norm and decreases the chance of having an immoral entrance inside your home.

This is considered a normal practice that leaves you less vulnerable to intruders. Now, get that same idea and apply it to protect the business IT system. As digital enterprise increases, there are superior chances and higher payoffs for cybercrime, and businesses want to take a perfect defense system to minimize vulnerabilities that can be the reason for breaches. People just can’t afford to leave the house open or even delay closing it.

In this article, we are sharing the six reasons to be concerned, and direction on what required action you can take to secure your business.

Cyber-attack of the Zombie Servers and Other Shocking Truths

  1. The cost of data breaches remains to increase and has enlarged 29% to an average of more than $4 million per happening.
  2. In 2015, digital devices including mobile devices less than a 1% infection rate, so they were measured safe. Now, more than three-fifths of IT safety specialists stated that it is either sure or likely their company suffered a breach because of mobile devices.
  3. Cyber-attackers have embedded certain malware into genuine applications and they’re aiming poorly secured Wi-Fi spots, stealing strong passwords, and more in their mission to steal sensitive information.
  4. Cybercriminals like to abuse illegal products with weak security panels in the company cloud.
  5. Zombie servers that are left unattended or are not updated offer supplementary ways to access the broad networks.
  6. Known vulnerabilities are not patched in time – a study has stated that it takes an average of 193 days before a patch gets functional to fix a complicated issue, even though the patch is existing. That’s an easy place for exploiters to get in and do their destruction.

Roadblocks to Securing the Business

For now, organizations have to be serious about security as small negligence can be the reason for a big loss. They can deal with these and other threats but are challenged because of the organizations responsible for addressing them – Safety and Processes – have diverse and conflicting roles and significances. Security usually performs activity like the scans for vulnerabilities but it’s up to the required procedures to do the patching. Meanwhile, the procedure is focused on uptime and availability so patching can get deprioritized and delayed.

Usually, we observe that security and operations teams don’t have sufficient visibility into each other’s ideas, plans and activities and this condition include to a divide between the two groups, which is known as the SecOps Gap. Disappointment to close that gap can leave a company open to breaches, lead to a loss of profits, escalation costs, and destroying an organization’s brand. It can also bring consequence in the failure to meet controlling necessities and big penalties. But it should not have to be that way. You can report this issue and close the SecOps gap.

Get Complete Control with SecOps solutions

SecOps solutions can supports organizations to reduce the unidentified risk of blind spots and improve collaboration between these two companies with automation. They can support Security and Operations find, line up, and resolve vulnerabilities with an actionable opinion of threat information based on risk.

Take more information about the SecOps challenge and you should know how BMC automation closes the gap and defends companies by automating compliance, taking the right evidence to the right people at the right time, and systematizing remediation.

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