5 Great InfoSec Podcasts You Should Not Miss

5 Great InfoSec Podcasts You Want to Listen To Staying up to date with the latest achievements is vital for anyone serious about information security. Until recently, we’ve had books to read and blogs to follow for the latest information – but securing the time to read them and keep up with them is a pretty hard task in our rushing world. Luckily, there is an alternative: the rising popularity of podcasting has brought us several sources of InfoSec information that we no longer have to read – we can listen to them. Below, we’ve collected 5 of the best information security podcasts that you can listen to even when there is no screen within your reach.

Security Now! by Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte

Steve Gibson is an American software engineer and security researcher, founder of Gibson Research Corporation, the company responsible for several (mostly freeware) security tools. Leo Laporte is the owner and operator of TWiT.tv. The two have created the weekly podcast “Security Now!” back in 2005, and have been on the air ever since. The topics covered by the podcast include spyware, rootkits, VPNs, firewalls, passwords, security vulnerabilities, and other information security-related topics.

The Security Orb Show

Although it has not released a new episode since 2016, the Security Orb Show is one of the best sources of infosec information. The podcast consists mostly of interviews with a variety of stakeholders and specialists.

Security Weekly by Paul Asadoorian

Security Weekly is an InfoSec podcast network hosted by professionals and aimed at professionals. The network includes podcasts like the “Security Weekly Show”, “Hack Naked News”, “Enterprise Security Weekly”, “Business Security Weekly”, and several others, covering a series of aspects of information security. The podcast has been around for more than a decade and has won the RSA Social Security Awards Best Security Podcast five times.

The Unsupervised Learning Podcast by Daniel Miessler

“The Unsupervised Learning Podcast” is an independent weekly podcast by Daniel Miessler, author of “The Real Internet of Things”. What makes this podcast special is that it distills up to five hours of reading into a short, easy to digest, summarized podcast that rarely exceeds 30 minutes.

Defensive Security Podcast by Jerry Bell and Andrew Kalat

The Defensive Security Podcast, hosted by Jerry Bell, director of Cyber Security Management at IBM, and Andrew Kalat, IT Security Executive at U. S. Bank. The podcast covers the latest security news, picking out lessons the hosts can apply to the organizations that they keep secure. Their material is not theoretical – what they offer is a real-world use for all the things you may read about in other places. What other great information security podcasts do you know?

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