SendPulse Review: An in-Depth Analysis

We are at the end of 2017, and organizations are still finding email solutions to reach their thousands of clients and partners. It’s getting very critical to drop email to their inbox rather than spam folder that makes no sense to achieve their target. We comprehend that some of things aren’t that simple, yet by not focusing on them, you are really making more work for yourself. It’s an ideal opportunity to make a fresh start with solution like SendPulse.

SendPulse is a multi-channel marketing mechanization framework with principle concentrate on automatically augmenting email Open Rates and general group of audience reach. Anybody can ensure high email deliver-ability however SendPulse gives one of a kind usefulness that acquires a 70% expansion email Open Rates.

  • The Resend to unopened feature increases the original open rate by 30-80% depending on the industry.
  • The email follow-up and webpush follow up messaging increases open rate by over 30%.
SendPulse uses an AI platform (Artificial Intelligence) and other unique features that automatically maximize email Open Rate. SendPulse offers advertisers emails, sms and web push notifications. SendPulse enables you to contact your subscribers through Email, the individuals who did not react to email can be (by and large consequently) came to by web push or SMS. This gives you a chance to boost your customer base reach and engagement. Not many suppliers offer such services like this.
SendPulse uses three different and most effective channels to increase the response and Open Rate of its sent emails, which includes:
  • Bulk Email
  • Bulk SMS messages 
  • Web-push notifications.
By using these three approaches, SendPulse achieves its highest email open response rate. Moreover, it also uses AI backed algorithms, Machine Learning and predictive analysis to aid its processes. SendPulse creates a client profiles in light of subscriber’s information and utilizations prescient conduct to make messages and other type of correspondence with best engagement potential.

Automatic division and personalization:

SendPulse makes limit portions automatically and send your newsletter in the most appropriate time and channel. It pairs your open rate and client engagement. It opens new incentive by instructing the AI how to answer client’s benefit inquiries crosswise over content based correspondence channels like email, online networking, and portable informing stages.

FREE web push notifications:

Unlike other email solution providers, SendPulse provides Free push notifications that enable organization to spread it’s newsletters, notifications, sales and other important events to its customers quickly and in bulk quantity. Moreover, you can automatically send personalized webpush messages to your customers from the system you already use.

API Capabilities:

SendPulse REST API advantage works over the HTTP tradition and is fundamentally an arrangement of techniques that are used to perform requests and receive responses for every operation. The API is intended for engineers and is joined by point by point documentation. Additionally, Web hooks are also available due to popular demands.
The upcoming releases of the service will include the following powerful features of our AI platform that are focused on the Open Rate and Conversion Rate maximizing:
  • Automated email personalization.
  • Automated subject and content optimization.
As SendPulse is providing an effective solution to organization’s email delivery systems, it was also recognized as one of the best startups of 2016 by The Next Web. SendPulse has proved itself as an effective solution for email delivery, push notification, and SMS messaging with other capabilities of personalization to your already built system. Additionally, SendPulse offers a has a Startup Program that provides a $5,000 grant for email marketing development to all the participants. It is another service that SendPulse is providing to aid other Startups to boost their email marketing reach their customers and subscriber more effectively.
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