DEFCON: Jailbreaking Apple Watch

On April 24, 2015, Apple propelled themselves into the wearable category with the presentation of Apple Watch. This June, at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple reported that their watch is not just the #1 offering smartwatch worldwide by a wide margin, yet additionally declared the presentation of new capacities that will accompany the arrival of watchOS 4. Like different devices, Apple Watch contains profoundly delicate client information, for example, email and instant messages, contacts, GPS and that’s just the beginning, and like different devices and operating systems, has turned into an objective for malicious activity.

This discussion will give an outline of Apple Watch and watchOS security instruments including codesign enforcement,  sandboxing, memory protection and more. This talk will cover vulnerabilities and misuse subtle elements and jump into the procedures utilized as a part of making an Apple Watch jailbreak. This will at last prompt an exhibition and clarification of jailbreaking an Apple Watch, displaying how it can get to essential client information and applications.

Ehacking Staff
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