Easeus Data Recovery Wizard

Are you in search of magic to restore your deleted data? Sometime it happens that we delete our important data in place of other, or by mistake had click or tap to delete on useful file. Once it was considered that deleting means erasing something for lifetime from your device memory. But it’s not that so, the deleted files can be restored if that device is not further used. This means if you want to recover your lost files immediately stop working on that device. Follow below steps to recover your lost files.

Step: 1 (Installing Software):

You cannot go directly, you must download the recovery software. Google it as it is easily available. Install the software namely Easeus data recovery wizard. Its download size is 2.12 MB and takes 2 minutes to download.

Step: 2 (Scan and Search):

Once software has been downloaded, click on its icon to launch it for use. You will have a home page in front which will show 6 categories to select any one, that what type of data you are in search of. Options will be:
•         Graphics
•         Audio
•         Documents
•         Video
•         Emails
•         Others
If you go for ‘others’ options you have to type your requirement.
After choosing one from home page, the system will proceed to next. Here you have to select specific hard drive to search your lost files. Select anyone from these;
•         Local disk (C:)
•         Print (H:)
•         Local disk (I:)
•         Business main drive (J:)
•         Xbox VIDS (K:)
•         Local disk (D:)
•         Local disk (G:)
Above options will be more or less according to your computer. Remember! Scanning can be done on one hard drive at a time. Initially you will go for quick scan, which will take 4 to 5 minutes. But searches for limited data. If you are unable to recover in search files, go on for deep scan.  Scanning will take 3 to 4 hours, but it is 100 times efficient than quick scan. If you think it is consuming your lot of time pause it anywhere you want and restore your data from result shown. If you are unable to find, resume searching process.

Step: 3 (Restore and Save):

Once the searching is completed, system will show a result window having all the possible data, tap or right click on restore button in bottom-right corner. You can select 1 or all items to restore at -a time.


There must be some careful inspection on the Easeus data recovering wizard working in your device, otherwise it can harm your system or even lost data.

Selecting Correct Version:

While installing, select copyright version in place of cracked or unofficial version. It may cause serious software crash or even system failure error. This version is unable to restore your lost items. So go for copyright version for proper and safe working.

Fix Hangs or Stuck Errors:

If your system hangs or do not proceed, first go through your steps that if you followed above steps properly or not (if not re launch your software). Afterwards check the process bar to check whether system is working or not. You can also go to task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+delete. Check the memory option in task manager, if it is increasing from 0% to onwards, the recycle bin recovery software is working properly, and if it’s not go back, click on end task and re-launch your software. 


Your device must be initially free from viruses, otherwise program will not work.
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