WinX MediaTrans: Transfer iOS Media Files without iTunes (Free License Giveaway)

One of the most common things that nearly everyone does these days is transferring media files to/from their mobile devices, tablets or desktops. Sometimes it’s a regular image, downloaded song or some sort of office document and presentation. There are actually quite a few ways to transfer files, but when it comes to transfer file to Apple products, it becomes a real headache for many. Here iTunes alternative for Windows – WinX MediaTrans comes to rescue by providing you with the service of transferring iOS media files without iTunes, works like iTunes alternative.

There are many software applications that work as an iTunes alternative, but there is only one that uniquely support movies music purchased from iTunes that is WinX MediaTrans. It easily transfers and manages music files, Movie/Video files and can also transfer 4K photos to/from your iPhone iPad. Moreover, it can also import (audio) iBooks to iPhone that no other software can perform. Other features includes conversion of EPUB to PDF, transferring videos of any format to iPhone, free transfer iTunes purchased video to PC, manage creation of voice/ringtone and also provide with the feature to mount iPhone as a USB drive.

Photo Transfer:

The most unique feature of WinX MediaTrans is its unique photo transfer and manager. It allows you to store photos by Day, Month and Year. It makes easier for user to retrieve any image from the gallery to start sharing on social media or can edit quickly.

  • Transfer photos at super fast lightening speed of 8 seconds per 100 4K photos.
  • You can export photos to computer to create backup at anytime.
  • Provide feasibility to transfer all or selected photos without iTunes restrictions.

Video Transfer:

With lots of advancement in video quality, it’s hard to find simple transferring application that can transfer videos like 4K etc to computer with conversion. This is now possible with WinX MediaTrans that can transfer 4K video to your computer with complete conversion to MP4 format.

  • WinX MediaTrans can auto convert any videos including 4K to MP4 in batch.
  • It takes care of video file size management so you can transfer videos without compromising its video quality.
  • Unchain iTunes DRM, make iTunes purchased movie playable on other devices like Android phone, etc.

Music Transfer:

As backing up music files or transferring it to iOS device via iTunes is a bit annoying, this hurdle is solved made easy by WinX MediaTrans. Now you can easily transfer music files without being worried about the iTunes restrictions.

  • Transfer music and organize playlist by creating, editing, deleting and rebuilding playlists.
  • It takes care of the music file conversion to format accepted by Apple.
  • It also takes care of iTunes DRM Removal.

How to Remove DRM from iTunes Music? 

Plug in you iOS device to computer and run this music manager software to build connection between device and computer. Once connection is done, navigate to “Music Manager” where you can see all your music files from iOS device.

  • Step 2: From here, you can export your music files without any hurdles. Simply select the file and click “Export”. The Music file will then get stored to the synced music folder in your computer. 

If your music is DRM protected, then WinX MeidaTrans will pop-up a window to remind you decode it. Just click the Decode button, then you can get a DRM-free music on your computer.

Voice & Ringtone Manager:

You can simply create your own iPhone ringtone with WinX MediaTrans by cropping different tones. Moreover, it also supports exporting, addition and deletion to your ringtone, iTunes and Podcast.

  • It allows making ringtones by waveform cropping.
  • Export, add and delete your ringtone, iTunes and Podcast.
  • Supports export of your voice memos from iPhone to computer.

iBook Manager:

With WinX MediaTrans, the iBook management has become smooth. Now you can easily transfer ePUB, PDF, MP3 and other files from iOS device to computer with addition to feature to convert them as well.

  • Supports transfer of ePUB, PDF and MP3 audio books between iPhone iPad & computer.
  • Convert any ePUB books to PDF, TXT, HTML ebooks for certain needs while exporting.
  • Bypass iTunes audiobook DRM to play it everywhere.

Flash Drive:

It’s a desire for every iOS device owner that he can access his iOS device as a flash drive, easy to manage and store things. This made possible with WinX MediaTrans. Now you can access your iOS device storage as a flash drive.

  • Use your iPhone as a USB drive to access important files anywhere anytime.
  • Supports all file types that includes: Pocket words, PDF, Excel etc.
  • 100% free file security, don’t worry about losing any of your file.

Unlike other file transferring solutions, WinX MediaTrans is the most reliable solution for Apple products as it provides features to transfer and manage music files, Movie/Video files and 4K photos transfer without involving iTunes restrictions. It works as an iTunes alternative and free iPhone manager. It’s all in one solution for iPhone file transfer by Digiarty Software.

Transfer iOS Media Files without iTunes, here you can avail our promotional WinX MediaTrans free License Giveaway offer.

About Digitary Software:

Digitary software is a leader in personal and home-use video audio applications based on Windows and Mac OS with 11 years of experience in the industry. It provides fast and easy-to-use DVD ripper/copier/creator, video converter, HEVC video downloader, media player, iPhone file manager, video audio streaming app, etc.

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