sylkie: IPv6 Address Spoofing

A command line tool and library for testing networks for common address spoofing security vulnerabilities in IPv6 networks using the Neighbor Discovery Protocol.


  • libseccomp
  • json-c

Basic usage

The following describes the basic usage of sylkie. Run sylkie -h or sylkie <subcommand> -h for more details.

DoS (Router Advert)

The basic usage of the sylkie router advert command is listed below. This command will send a Router Advertisement message to the given ip or the all nodes multicast addres causing the targeted nodes to remove <router-ip>/<prefix>from their list of default routes.
sylkie ra -interface <interface>
    –target-mac <mac of router>
    –router-ip <ip of router>
    –prefix <router prefix>
    –timeout <time between adverts>
    –repeat <number of times to send the request>

How it works:

The router advert (ra) command attempts to DoS a network by sending “forged” Router Advertisement messages to either a targeted address (if one is provided) or the link local scope all-nodes address ff02::1. The “forged” Router Advertisement contains Prefix Information with the lifetimes set to 0. The message also contains the Source Link-Layer Address. This should cause the targeted address or all link local nodes to remove the targetted router from the list of default routes.

Address spoofing (Neighbor Advert)

sylkie na -i <interface>
    –dst-mac <dest hw addr>
    –src-ip <source ip>
    –dst-ip <dest ip address>
    –target-ip <target ip address>
    –target-mac <target mac address>
    –timeout <time betweeen adverts>
    –repeat <number of times to send the request>
Download Now and start spoofing IPv6 addresses.
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