Preparation Tips To Qualify For CEH Exam And Get Certified

Hackers making into the secured systems can be regularly seen on news these days. Compromising on the security can cost a lot of money for businesses and in turn their reputation. This is the reason why organizations give high priority to IT security so that they can be saved from these malicious users.

Certified ethical hackers are professionals who have earned the CEH certification and are skilled in ensuring the security of businesses. They try to break into the system and see if any vulnerability exists. Preparing for the CEH exam can be tough and here are some tips to make it easier.

How to prepare for CEH exam?

1. Get information about the exam

Before attempting any exam, it is important to get information about it. There is a CEH website owned by EC Council which helps you in this. It details the format and duration of the exam along with information regarding the certification and regulations. You may find out the eligibility criteria of the exam from the site. The site can also be referred during your study sessions to help you with topics. For any query related to the exam, you can go to the CEH FAQs in the site.

2.  Study with a study guide

To prepare for CEH exam, you can make use of study guides provided by EC Council. They explain in detail the five topics that come under ethical hacking. You can rely upon these as they are officially from the council. The topics are thoroughly explained in the books which help you face the exam questions efficiently. The books give an idea of how the hackers work in each area and what measures can be taken to solve the issues related to each area.

3. Join a CEH course

Taking an ethical hacking course in Delhi will prove beneficial as this takes you through a specialized study method that equips you with skills and knowledge to pass the exam. A course conducted in a classroom will be better as this introduces you to an expert instructor to clarify your queries. Also, other students in the class will motivate you to perform better. The instructors will lead you through the official curriculum and practice materials authorized by EC council. This will make way for quality learning and increases your chances of cracking the exam.

4. Practice more questions

Taking a practice test will let you know your readiness for the exam. After the test, the feedback is obtained immediately. Based on this, you can touch upon the areas where you lack knowledge. This will also help you connect your knowledge to the specific pattern of questions. The EC council website has a practice test which is useful as it is authentic. You may take this test towards the end of your preparation to see if you have gained enough skills and knowledge for the exam.

5. Join a forum

You may join a forum that has members who are preparing for the same certification. This will expose you to better ideas and techniques from them that can help you in your learning style. You can discuss your queries in the forum and even get help from people who have already passed the exam. You will also understand which areas to focus more so as to achieve the certification.
Getting certified requires you to put in a lot of time and effort in your preparation for the exam. You have to work hard on the tips mentioned above to gain the confidence to appear for the exam. So, get into work as soon as possible and get certified from Koenig Solutions.
Ehacking Staff
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