How to Choose A PCB Design Software in 2017

The software market is huge, and there are thousands of software packages that you can use for designing Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). PCB is used in all electronics and computers. It is basically a plastic board that is used for the connection of electronic components. There are several end users for the PCB.

  • Engineer entrepreneurs: Those who may have prior exposure to electronics and may also want to design their own.
  • Corporate Engineers: These are those  companies who can afford a high- end software
  • Freelance Engineers:  Those who have inside knowledge of the various software and the pros and cons of each
  • Hobbyists: those who do it for their pleasure and are at liberty to choose what suits them.

Before you choose software, you have to look at several factors.

The Cost

Before choosing software for PCB, you have to consider its cost and what your budget for the same is. The cost also depends on what you intend to use it for. Is it for professional use? Even if it is for professional use, some software’s cost can be prohibitive, especially if you are a freelancer and just getting started.

As an entrepreneur, it is rather expensive creating and launching a new product. Having to buy expensive software may further inhibit your growth. It is imperative, however, that you invest in quality software. Cheap always tends to be expensive, and with Altium software you can design high quality PCBs in a fraction of the time.

Easy to Use

Go for software that relies more on intuition. Some software takes days to master. The best software is the one that takes minimal time to navigate. No one wants to be stuck for several days with a manual trying to figure the software out.

Must be customized to suit your needs

Choose software that is designed to meet your needs.  You may be a corporate engineer, a freelance engineer or a hobbyist. Either way, you have to settle for software that accommodates your needs. All software is mostly designed in levels of complexity. You get to decide what level you are at before you settle on any software.

Must have a large library component

A component is a name given to a single part that can be added into a PCB design. A library of components thus is a collection of components. Large library components are critical because the creation of novel components may run the risk of errors that may escape the verification process.

Must be a standard Software

You should always make sure that the software you settle on is used widely and is the standard everywhere. In the event that you have to work with other engineers on a project, it needs to be easy for them to work on with the software as well.

Choosing software may seem easy at the onset, but it has to be carefully considered. You have to take into consideration what you need it for, the cost and the features. You should make sure the software of good, yet standard quality and is easy to use.

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