Best Flash Drive Data Recovery Software For You

Whether it’s a virus infection, a hardware failure, or just human error, it’s all too easy to lose vital files. As soon as data are lost, you will need some recovery tool to get back your deleted or infected data. In many cases when the disk got corrupted, failed, or damaged due to any incident, the software like Wondershare Data Recovery comes handy.

The Wondershare Data Recovery software has a full set of features, is simple enough for the beginner to use, and most importantly it is very good at recovering deleted files. It is capable of recovering image files, video files, Audio, Documents, Email, and Archives. Moreover, it also provides preview for various images, documents and archives files that no other recovery software can assure you.

The Software is supported for a number of devices that include: Desktop computers, Apple Mac computers, hard drives, pen drives, USB drives, Memory card, camera, cam-coder, cell phones, iPod and other portable and removable devices.  Moreover, the Wondershare Data Recovery solution is available for Windows and Mac platforms, allowing Mac data recovery as well.

Wondershare Data Recovery software is a safe and effective data recovery solution that retrieves lost files at ease and assures data recovery like never before. File recovery is an expensive process and requires a lot of research when finding for right and effective solutions to recover your lost files. But, here Wondershare Data Recovery provides a high end solution for all purposes which also cover flash drive data recovery, memory card data recovery and many more supported devices.

Steps to Recover Data:

STEP1: Attach the flash drive to computer and launch Wondershare Data Recovery:

STEP 2: Follow the Wizard Mode by clicking “Next”.

STEP 3: Select the type of files you wish to recover:

Now, Specify the type of files you want to recover. Select options from list such as photos/graphic, mp3 audio, video, office documents, email, and all file types which best meets your requirements.

STEP 4: Select External Removable Device:

After file type selection, the wizard will prompt you to specify the location from where you want to recover the lost files. Select external removable device in case of flash drive.

STEP 5: Deep Scan or Raw file recovery:

You can select from Deep Scan or Raw File Recovery options. Select the Deep scan option to recover files that have been lost due to formatting.

STEP 6: Click Start to Scan:

After you have selected all the options, you can start your recovery by clicking the start button

STEP 7: Preview the files you want to recover:

On completion, you can simply preview the data before recovering it.

STEP 8: Click Recover to get your lost files:

Select and specify the path for files you want to recover and click “Recover” button to save those files.

There is only few data recovery software that allows user to recover data at ease, but many of them allow limited data recovery. Here, Wondershare data recovery solution is the best software that provide easy to use interface with an effective data recovery option. So, Download now and recover data from USB flash drive or any other device.

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