Why Do You Need To Invest In a Video Chat App Development

doesn’t use the social media these days? And who wouldn’t like to see a person
we’re talking to at the moment, even if this individual is actually on the
other side of the world? Yeah, that’s right, it’s a known fact, that a custom video chat app development is a highly
profitable and exponentially growing industry. How many mobile application
developers around the globe already became rich and famous after they embraced
their dream to build video chat app? Let me tell you, a lot of them. If we take
time and count every successful messaging startup, that began small and ended
up a super appreciated video and voice call app, this could take a few.  
So, wanna know why you
should invest
in the video chat
application development?

allow me to say, that nowadays to develop a video chat app isn’t only a trend
it’s more like a course of actions and a business strategy. But yes,
investments of any kind are risky and can be considered a wild card. Therefore,
let’s take a peek into some real reasons, shall we? 

Reason #1. Popularity
& Usage numbers

heard about Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, Google Hangouts, Viber,  FaceTime, ooVoo,? and WeChat? Or, at least,
about Skype, right? Well, Skype is a dinosaur comparing to others, and some of
them started only as simple chatting apps and added a video calls options much
later. There is a wide range of them with a variety of functions, unique features
and huge numbers of customers. Some of them are more famous than others but
most of them found their niche and gain the customers. A wide range of them, of
different ages and countries around the world. To prove the point, check out
the reviews of 13 Best Apps for Video Chatting like Facetime
and Best Video Chat Apps For Android And iPhone.
to Digital Marketing Ramblings statistics,
WhatsApp alone has 1 billion registered users. And based on the Statista.com estimation by April 2016 WhatsApp
already became most popular mobile messaging app worldwide, successfully
beating Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Skype. It was before WhatsApp implemented video calls feature. Needless to say,
how their revenue numbers gonna explode in the following year.        
Reason #2. Monetization
platform & Revenue Boost
know can make money via mobile app even if it’s free for users? Yes, you can.
There are a lot of ways to push up the revenue numbers of a video chat app such
as in-app purchasing, paid premium features and specifically targeted ads based
on the users’ preferences. For example, a video chat application called Line makes over $270 million per year just
selling their brand stickers.
having a real-time interaction with the users through your app you gonna get
valuable their feedback, therefore, an insight how to improve the product and
make it even more profitable and interesting for people. Knowing and analyzing
their behavior, you become foresighted businessman and won’t disappoint the
Reason #3. Learn from
the best
believe the next generation is about instant video chatting and
Levy, a partner at Sequoia Capital Israel (c)
should do a research to see how many already famous corporations and huge
companies invest in this industry. For instance, even such giants as Sequoia
(Sole investor in the WhatsApp), and Samsung put their money in Israeli mobile video chat app called Rounds.
Reason #4. Professional
always the best way for personal and business to communicate face-to-face. You
believe when you see it with your own eyes, they say. Through a text or an
e-mail letter you don’t see your conversation partner, his or her emotions and
reactions. But we all know that it’s not always possible for some reasons. So,
the most suitable and winning solution for the future is, actually, a video
chatting that allows saving the precision of a direct dialogue between two
individuals. Job interviews,
support teams for various services
and consulting
with experts on any topic like LiveNinja. It’s a perfect opportunity for
professionals from different fields to establish their instant interaction with
customers via online video calls to provide any consultation or advising
sessions needed. With precise schedule, one can gather online meetings and
conferences thankfully to group video chats. An important point is that video
chatting reduces miscommunication between talkers.
Concerning the future of medicine, in the U.S. it’s already a common practice
among healthcare professionals to provide consultations and to check their
patients via video chatting mobile apps. Which saves a lot of time and money
for both medical facilities and their clients. So, it’s highly reasonable to
continue investing in the video chat app development and expand the industry
for the people’s benefits. 
Reason #5. The
perspectives and opportunities
life is almost completely mobile already and we need to embrace it. As for
social media apps, the simple messaging products are going to become history.
According to statistics, in the nearest future the total number of users that
prefer video chatting will be around 30 billion. In addition, mobile apps for
video calls will beat their websites competitors. It’s already a fact that
among most popular mobile messaging apps by November
2016 the video chat applications WhatsApp and Line are still in the Top 3. And
in the general line of most popular mobile social networking apps,
estimated by average session duration, almost everyone from this range one way
or another contains video calls feature.
for technical aspects, there are rumors that Apple is going to design a watch
with a front camera that will be able to record video. Right now their
smartwatch supports only audio calls, but we’ve seen on the WhatsApp example
that it’s the first bell to future improvements. So, catch your moment, get on
the train to the future. 
And how much does it
cost to build a video chat app?
you decide, for starters, to create a video chat application on Android, it’s
gonna be easier and cheaper. But to get more profit and wider audience you
should probably consider also to develop own video chat app on iOS too. To help
your cause, there are various already made SDKs (Software Development Kit) and
third-party APIs platforms (Application Programming Interface), apps clones and
to tecsynt.com
research, if you decide to hire up professionals from the mobile applications
development company the price of your future video chat app will depend on the
next factors:
complexity of the project
mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows or cross-platforms)
features and functions
services integration
or hybrid approach to app development
that gonna develop your app and their hourly rate
solutions integration
tech support

mobile application development industry is booming and people are obsessed with
social media apps and they will never stop using it. So, you can be sure, that
a cost to make the best video chat app will be highly paid off in the first
couple of years. If still have doubts, contact with someone who knows a thing
or two about investments in the field of video chat apps. Gather and analyze
all the information you can to calculate your chances and possibilities.   
Irfan Shakeel
Irfan Shakeel, the founder of ehacking project, he also hosts cyber security training classes at EH Academy. He has discovered many vulnerabilities in the famous platforms (like Google, Dailymotion, Harvard University & etc.). He specializes in Network hacking, VoIP pentesting & digital forensics. He is the author of the book title “Hacking from Scratch”.

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