Advance URL Fuzzing + Whois Domain running on python

Using this tool will allow you to catagories all the common servers, cms and extensions of domains that you want to check over. to discover hidden folders and backups that might contain valuable information.


  • Pip (if you don’t have it use the command below in terminal)
    sudo easy_install pip
  • ipwhois Module (if you don’t have it use the command below in terminal)
    pip install –upgrade ipwhois
pip install -e[email protected]#egg=ipwhois
  • For Linux Users: > pip3 install –upgrade ipwhois
pip3 install -e[email protected]#egg=ipwhois



Download The Update: Fuzzing URL v1.1

– Whois domain feature category
– Update list of content
– Working for Python3 

Ehacking Staff
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