Always Stay In Comforting Privacy With These 3 Anonymous VPN Services

VPN is what keeps safe internet spinning. Sophisticated
encryption methodologies keep third-party vendors, obnoxious ad marketers and
even governmental organizations away from your logs, history as well as cookie
You are literally a ghost when browsing the web through
VPN-protected connections. Unfortunately not all of the service providers are
as transparent. Some tend to store and even sell your personal data if need be.
So which are truly anonymous?
This vpn rating is about to shed some light on those
who will keep you comfortably safe regardless of consequences.
the Informed Choice when it comes to VPN
Let’s quickly run through three of the most prominent VPN
providers in the world to ensure that your browser history is only yours to
?     ExpressVPN.
This company never keeps your logs. Neither traffic nor IP are available to
anyone, even the original user. The guys work with shared IPs. This way it’s
nearly impossible to backtrack to the original source. Additionally, the
company is located on the British Virgin Islands, meaning even such agencies as
the NSA have no legal rights or claims here. Even if a valid law suit from BVI
is in the picture – the company has nothing to display as the company never
keeps logs.
?     Private
Internet Access. Traffic, session, DNS and even Meta Data are not stored on
this company’s servers. No one logs. Period. Such is the policy. PIA operates
in the US and finds comfort in strong, reliable consumer protection laws. And,
while users are not monitored a strong algorithm is in place that detects
abuse. So if you are willing to stay comfortably safe – you are in the right
place, but if your goals are fishy, try keeping them to yourself and out of the
www world.
Anonymizer. Your activity is not logged in any
form. No data that allows matching of IP addresses with both users and time
periods is stores. The company operates in the US and relies on absence of data
retention laws. Users are not usually requested to verify their data even when
things get down to support issues unless a particularly rare situation demands
such steps. On the downside – Anonymizer can’t do anything with abuse as they
do not store or monitor log traffic. A great speed deal is achieved through
vast availability of numerous servers. All in all the company provides a solid
VPN solution.


Your privacy and security in the online world are in your
hands. There is a vast majority of decent service providers. All you have to do
in order to succeed is some simple background research.
Ehacking Staff
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