7 Things You Need to Know to Find Best Offshore Programming Company

There are plenty of offshore firms over the world, which claims that they are professionals in the field. Some of them really can find the best solution for you and bring most brilliant ideas to life in a successful application or software.

Unfortunate, it is difficult to find professional offshore programming company at the first try, as not all of them are reliable enough. We have 7 tips on how to choose best firm for fruitful cooperation.


Some companies try to save money by hiring freelancers, but, it is not always beneficial for the client. Why? Because you do not know a native language of an employee, and how well he or she knows English. That may lower the quality of your app and prevent it from popularity among users.

Do not Buy Twice

It is important to see the price offered by offshore programming firm and compare it with rates of other companies. Some developers compromise the quality to attract more clients with affordable prices. Still, the coding process takes time, so that check the reports of a company to learn how thorough and responsible it is.

Narrow Specialization

If you are looking for professionals, they are to be experts in one field, then in everything. Do you need a mobile application? They find the developers, who work with mobile apps only. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting an app of not extremely good quality.


Try to do the research before cooperation with offshore programming firm. Ask your friends if they work with it, read feedbacks of previous clients and gather as much information as possible to be sure that your application will be appropriately developed.


It is important to avoid any misunderstanding in requirements and expectations. Choose a programming firm, which plans the application before its creation. Thus, you will have a chance to change something without wasting the time and money on an app, which does not meet your expectations.

Do not Pay in Advance

Many offshore programming firms want their client to pay for the order before the app is done. Beware such companies as you may get an application of low quality or do not get it at all. Talk about several stages of the project, and pay in parts after the completion of every stage.


Make sure that you have discussed all important issues of developing process. E.g. if the manager does not ask you whether your app should be developed on native platform or HTML 5 is a good reason to think about the necessity of future cooperation. 

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