Durvasav: Bruteforce Password Cracker

Durvasav bruteforce password cracker is a simple bruteforce password hash cracker program written in C language. It is a console program released under GNU GPL version 3 and runs on Windows. This tool is used to extract plain text from any standard hashes. It uses the OpenSSL library for generating hashes.

Durvasav allows us to compare thousands of hashes to a hash table at a time. It supports MD4, MD5, SHA0, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512 standard hashing algorithms. You can also produce hash tables of all these hashes for different character sets or generate wordlists for reverse hash lookup.


Supports MD4, MD5, SHA0, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512.
Uses fast OpenSSL library.
Includes wide variety of character sets and a custom character set.
Performs ‘pseudo’ operation.
Hash table generation.
Generates bruteforce password table.
Import and compare hash tables containing thousands of hashes.
Maximum password length of 12 characters (will increase it).
Wordlist generation for all characters.
Compatible with Windows 32bit and 64bit.

You can either choose from predefined character sets or a custom character set of your own.

[0…9] – Numeric from 0-9.
[a…z] – Small letters from a-z.
[A…Z] – Capital letters from A-Z.
[0…z] – 0-9 numeric and a-z alphabets.
[0…Z] – 0-9 numeric and A-Z alphabets.
[a…Z] – All small and capital letters.
[0..a..Z] – All numbers, small letters and capital letters.
[All] – All numbers, small letters, capital letters and all special characters.
[Custom] – Select this if you want use a custom character set.

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