How to win against Phishing attacks?

A Phishing email will typically direct the user to visit a website where they are asked to update personal information, such as a password, credit card, social security, or bank account numbers, that the legitimate organization already has.

Phishing attacks are originated by an attacker from a remote location using some authentic or similar to authentic sources. That tends user to click on their links and disclose their personal information.

The attackers can run a Phishing campaign that takes only five minutes to put together, and within 25 minutes they get the access to corporate data that can lead to an organization-wide breach.

There are some ways to win against these types of attacks.

Check source of Incoming email:

Your bank or other financial institution will never ask you to give your financial detail, passwords or other personal information by email. Never respond to these emails, and in case of any doubt, call your bank for clarification.

Never follow your bank website link from emails:

You should manually logon to your bank’s website, instead of following the provided links through email. It may take you to a dummy page that attacker have created to steal your login information.

Enhance security of your computer:

Being observing is the key to identify the suspicious activities to protect your computer, but you should install a good antivirus solution to block these types of attacks. In addition, also keep your system and antivirus updated to detect latest attacks and malware.

Serve your sensitive data over private and protected websites only:

There are many websites that are not secured, that are acquiring personal details without any security. Avoid such websites and make sure that you are connected to private and secured network and computer before sending your personal and classified information.

Have any doubt? Don’t risk it:

Just in case you have a doubt that the website is acting abnormally or redirecting you towards unnecessary pages, stop there and don’t risk your information. This is the most basic technique to avoid Phishing attacks.

These are some of the basic techniques to overcome and win against the Phishing attacks, but the organizations should also need to create network strategies to restrict users to access only trusted websites. Additionally, emails should be monitored continuously to block malicious links.

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