Learn to Build Virtual Networks for Microsoft Certificate Exam

Ever wonder how hackers practice their skills in a secure
environment? Well, virtual networks are the best way to do this, it is also very
important from the network engineer point of view. The engineers create virtual
networks for many purposes. The Microsoft MCSA and Cisco courses test
individual skills regarding the virtualization.
This course is MCSA
and job focused
it provides the TOOL you need to get serious about
configuring Microsoft Servers &
on a virtual network when a real network is not available to you.
Instructor’s comment on the new update:

Before you can do
Microsoft Server & Microsoft Active directory domain services
configurations. You need both a virtual network and to understand IP
Addressing. I added an IP addressing Bonus section to this course. This is the
actual material and Project that I created and use in one of my courses at the
CIty University of Seattle.

Maintenance of this course is ongoing coming soon as a
bonus, the instructor plan to add:
  •          AD/DS server, DNS server, DHCP server configuration
    to the virtual network
  •          and an Introduction to Powershell section.

The introductory price of the course is just $10

Ehacking Staff
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