Threats against the next billion devices

The Cyber attacks are not like the natural disaster or other forces of nature nor are they like diseases or other autonomously evolving and spreading agents yet. They are eventually driven by human actions. It depends on the intuition of human that how he uses the communication medium and technology. Since, the economics is the best way to view attacker and defender strategies that how it is affecting in term of money. The traditional approach to defense is to raise the cost for your attackers by making attacks as difficult as possible. This, unfortunately, has a tendency to raise costs for the defender and their users too and does not scale well. The most scalable strategy is to reduce the loss from the successful attacks.

What does this look like? The new strategies are already being implemented on many areas of interest and we will point out where it is being employed successfully. We will further examine the phases of intrusions that are financially motivated and state sponsored attacks to show how defenses based on lowering the value versus raising the cost affect both the attackers and defenders. Finally we will explore about the strategies for security threat against the next billion devices.

Ehacking Staff
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