Send Exploit Links Using Google’s URL

Now redirecting any website using Google’s URL become easy, new exploit of Google let you redirect to your desired web address.

Google’s redirect exploit is very popular in the world of hacking. We can generate link that seems like simple Google link but when user click on it, he will be redirected to our desired web page which may contain spam and other exploits.

You can simply create your own redirect exploit without using any tool or any programming language.

Today we are going to learn how we can create this exploit using a simple method,

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Now in Search box, type: sitein:your website link

Step 3:        You will get search results; right click on search result topic with your website link.

Step 4:         Now, Copy Link Location.

Step 5:         Now paste that link, that link will work to redirect anyone to your website.

That link will redirect you to your webpage. You can use this trick to redirect someone to your created spam or exploit or malicious webpage.

Ehacking Staff
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