Iris Scan to Validate Mobile Payments

Nowadays everyone is using mobile payment systems like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Payment systems like these uses bio-metric scans. The new bio-metric scan technologies beyond the use of fingerprint scan can boost the adaptation rate when purchases are made with smartphones. These technologies include palm vein sensors or sensors that assess the person’s typing pattern or behaviors.

Iris has developed a new technology that will help to authenticate online purchases. While SMS (Short Messaging Service) is an option, banks want more security to conduct transactions more securely.  That’s where Iris developed a multi-modal scan that will provide us with the voice and behavioral scans and facial integrations that might help for online purchase.

Smartphone vendors and payment software developers need to consider the new bio-metric technologies and multi-modal scan approach to provide concrete security. Tiffany Huang, an analyst at Lux Research said “Bio-metrics is needed to improve mobile payment usage and it’s hard to see one bio-metric usage winning in the medium-to-far-term”.

A US Federal Revenue survey of around 2000 people showed that 75% didn’t use mobile payments, as they feel more convenient to pay in cash or use their credit cards. While 59% don’t feel safe in using mobile payment for privacy and security concern.

As this new palm vein sensor is smart enough to prevent spoofing, but they are rare because of its size. They require a large piece of hardware to read the palm vein pattern. Huang said, “Palm veins are 100 times more unique than fingerprints and can’t be easily spoofed because the veins are below the surface of the skin”.

The fingerprint scan sensor that are used in iPhone for Apple pay and other galaxy phones for Samsung pay are mature and are being used for years and its hardware is relatively cheap. But capacitive sensors can be spoofed easily by duplicating fingerprint pattern.

This is the main reason that encouraged Iris to develop new technology in the payment industry that ensures security at tits best without being spoofed. No doubt it requires some serious build hardware that may be costly, but not enough to put your customer at risk.

Ehacking Staff
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