5 Basic Tips to Reduce Insider Threat

As cyber attacks are rising consistently, organizations are looking forward to increase their security policies, management and strategies in order to detect and prevent cyber attacks. But there is a lot more sensitive threat relies, among them is the insider threat.

The Insider threat is crucial and should be addressed seriously as other external threats. Here are some easy tips to follow in order to reduce and prevent insider threats:

Securing Data

An organization must secure data, not by only implementing hard encryption techniques, but also controlled access as well as logging and monitoring who touches that data. Before implementing the insider threat program first secure your data and restrict data access. Data can be of millions dollar if exposed to competitors.

Learn From the Past Attack

“If you are experiencing a cyber attack, you are not alone, learn from others”
With each attack, advance your security strategies and put new controls in place to explicitly watch for similar types of attacks so it can be prevented before damaging the company’s assets.

Train Employees

In many cases it has been noticed that employees don’t even know that they are being used against their organization by performing any suspicious activities that are not harmful in nature but sensitive and critical to the organization and beneficial for the competitor. So training should be provided on a regular basis for the awareness of employee about the outcome of their activities.

Use Latest Technologies

Latest technologies play an important role while fighting with cyber security threats. The Centralized logging tool can be used to monitor employee logs, and also notice their nature of emails, whether if they exceed certain specified size of attachments. It can detect many of the insider attacks as well as record employee’s activity log.

Cooperate with Your Employee

One thing to keep in mind to overcome the insider threat is, don’t make your employee unhappy. An unhappy employee can be dangerous to an organization than any outsider. Insiders have all the access to the system; don’t give them a reason to spoil your business.

By adopting these simple tips you can overcome the insider threat easily. Don’t take insider threat leniently; it’s more dangerous than any other attack as they have all the access to enter your system. One bad employee can ruin your whole business, so keep monitoring your employee.

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