TOR Mail Encrypted Server: OnionMail

The TOR network is a cluster of servers that allow people to advance their privacy and protection on the Internet. TOR’s user makes use of this network by connecting through various virtual tunnels rather than building a direct connection, as a result allowing both organizations and individuals to share information over public networks without negotiating their security and privacy.

OnionMail is an encrypted mail server made to run anonymously on TOR network without losing the capability to communicate with the internet. All OnionMail servers are configured as TOR hidden services and uses SSL (via STARTTLS). OnionMail not only ensures greater privacy to the users but also protect against eavesdropping of the NSA and others. The OnionMail server uses asymmetric encryption. In case of any online attack, each inbox is encrypted with RSA asymmetric keys. By acquiring the server side keys nobody can read messages from the user’s inbox. All data are saved in encrypted form. In this way an attacker can’t attain the reverse path to get information or metadata of any user and their activities.



To use OnionMail all you need is an email client connected to the TOR network. Example: Claws-Mail or Thunderbird.

Benefits of Using TOR:

While using TOR network nobody can see:
•    Who are you?
•    With whom you are communicating?
•    What are you reading or writing?
•    Where are you?
•    Where is the server?
•    What you are doing?

Some Basic OnionMail’s functions:

•    Multiple independent hidden services.
•    Native PGP integration for subscription and server’s message.
•    SSL cryptography by default (STARTTLS 2048 bits).
•    Support Unicode password (UTF-8 password and 2048 bits key files).
•    SMTP Compatibility.
•    Internet normal email compatibility.
•    Anti-Spam, blacklist and real-time filters.
•    Native mailing list support.
•    Garbage collector to remove automatically old messages.
•    Clock and time zone spoofing.
•    And much more…

Download and read more about OnionMail (TOR Mail encrypted server for Hidden Services).

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