Is Apple’s iMessage Secure?

Apple Inc is the world’s largest information technology company, known by it’s outclass products and services. Apple with every release of its product, whether in hardware or software, advances in safety, security and data protection features.

One of its popular products includes iPhone, a line of series of smart-phones designed by Apple Inc. It runs iOS operating system on it which is also developed by Apple itself. Followed by many applications this phone has generated millions of revenue to the company.

iMessage is the application that is similar to the “Messages” application. It’s an instant messaging service provided by Apple to its users over multiple products like iPhone, iPad etc.

Few days back at WWDC (World Wide Developer’s Conference) Apple announced a great plan, updates for all of Apple’s products. iMessage replaced the traditional messaging language with emojis and easy pictures and videos share .

When we talk about these type of application, the first thing comes to our mind is the security aspect. Whether the sent message is securely received by the receiver or not. On this security issue, Apple has worked a lot and launched Device-Wide encryption previously. But in this new release Apple undoubtedly decided to move further.

Rich Mogull, CEO of security firm Securosis said “on the iOS side, they have done an incredible job, and it is now the most secure personal computing platform available, There are still vulnerabilities that crop up, but at the core iOS is rock solid.”

iMessage is the well known application that supports End- to-End encrypted messaging service. Like every application iMessage showing some loop holes. The researcher team at Apple recently breached the application and decrypted videos and images under some circumstances. They said “Definitely iMessage needs an update”. This vulnerability created a fear to the research team. As iMessage uses a centralized key server, making it easier to the man in middle to intercept the communication and pretend to be someone that he is not.

In iOS 10, the new released update for the iOS, Apple provided “Differential Privacy”. This enables iMessage, Facetime and other communication applications, compute their data on their personal device rather than on the server. This gives relatively high security when combined with End-to-End encryption. Differential privacy allows the company to collect user’s information to help enhancing its app and services while keeping the individual device private.

So once again Apple worked tremendously hard to resolve the privacy issue for their customers with some feature added to the new updates. This is the only reason that Apple is getting more popular and become the largest company in the world of IT.

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