All about IMEI

What is IMEI ?

IMEI is the short term for International Mobile Equipment Identity . It is a unique 15 digit number which is unique for all devices which use cellular devices. This helps us to identify each device differently. We can use this number to block a mobile phone being used by another person if it is lost or stolen . Whenever anyone inserts SIM card ( or turns his cellular device on ) his IMSI number gets registered with his IMEI number.

How to Find IMEI Number ?

You can find IMEI number of your phone by simply pressing *#06# on your keypad . If you have a dual SIM device then 2 IMEI numbers will be displayed.

How to trace IMEI ?

As we saw in this article , whenever you turn your cellular device on , IMSI number of SIM card and IMEI number of the device is maintained by Cellular companies . This helps legal authorities , law enforcement and police departments to trace a phone. They can find the IMSI number of SIM from IMEI thus providing them with all SIM cards used by that device as well as IMEI number used by a particular phone but in any case they have to inform cellular departments to keep a track on a particular IMEI number for new IMSI number of new SIM cards inserted .

What are Non-Traceable Cellular Devices ?

There are devices which do not have IMEI numbers and which don’t use SIM cards for connecting with the network providers. This devices use satellite and are known as satellite phones. But even this devices are traceable with high end equipment’s.

Database / NVRam File ?

Android device store IMEI and other network information in a file called NVRam file . This contains all details provided by the manufacture and lets the user connect to cellular towers. Unfortunately this file is locked by manufacturer. But this file can be modified while flashing software on the phone ( permanently changing IMEI is possible ) . NVRam files are inside the database file of the phone software which is used while flashing . You can use the database file provided with the stock ROM ( Stock rom is the official flashing software provided by the manufacturer ) of the device .

How to change IMEI ?

Yes ! It is possible to change IMEI number while flashing stock rom ( this is how manufacturers write IMEI numbers in first place .) . You can find one article on How to change IMEI with video tutorials over here.

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