World's youngest bounty winner lands $10,000 prize after hacking Instagram

A 10 year old Finish kid named Jani has won $10,000 prize money after he hacked into Instagram servers. Facebook the principal company has awarded the bounty after kid finds a way to delete other users comments from Instagram servers.

The young hacker claimed that; the security flaw he discovered could even allow him to delete pop-star Justin Bieber's comments and captions. The kid showed off the vulnerability to the Instagram security team after deleting a  comment on test account. The father of young hacker said, his young boys are very good at discovering security flaws in secure websites, but this one is their biggest accomplishment so far.

The $10k bounty prize was part of Facebook's Bug Bounty program, which offers rewards to White hat hackers  and other researchers who discover bugs or security flaws in their apps and websites. Last year, Facebook reportedly paid out $936k to 210 different researchers, out of a grand total of 13k submissions. 102 of those submissions were considered "high impact."

Bug bounty programs has been the most successful technique of their era to address security vulnerabilities. The lack of cyber security education in the world has raised concerns among organizations to develop secure products. Microsoft, Google, Apple and many other major giants are successfully fixing their security flaws by announcing bounty programs.

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