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The social networking site LinkedIn was the talking point of Infosec community this week because of the data breach of its 117 Million users. The site was initially hacked four years ago, but the results of hack are showing now. The data of its users is up for sales on dark web according to various sources.

This isn’t the first time a major internet giant have fallen victim of data breach, which affected its millions of users all over the world. Last year Ashley Madison an online dating website was hacked which have led to the resignation of its CEO and destroyed the marriages of many people.
However, the question is how hackers are able to breach these highly secured websites and gain passwords of millions of users. Yes, mainly it’s because of the lack of cyber security steps taken by those organizations, but the users are equally responsible for becoming a victim of these hacking attacks. 
EHacking researchers have seen that most of the passwords that are hacked previously are commonly used around the globe and most people doesn’t care if their password isn’t secure. The passwords leaked from the latest LinkedIn hack are similar to the hacks of past years. 
We have gathered the list of most commonly used passwords on the internet right now. List also includes the passwords leaked after the LinkedIn hack.  
Rank Password Frequency
1 123456 753,305
2 linkedin 172,523
3 password 144,458
4 123456789 94,314
5 12345678 63,769
6 111111 57,210
7 1234567 49,652
8 sunshine 39,118
9 qwerty 37,538
10 654321 33,854
11 000000 32,490
12 password1 30,981
13 abc123 30,398
14 charlie 28,049
15 linked 25,334
16 maggie 23,892
17 michael 23,075
18 666666 22,888
19 princess 22,122
20 123123 21,826
21 iloveyou 20,251
22 1234567890 19,575
23 Linkedin1 19,441
24 daniel 19,184
25 bailey 18,805
26 welcome 18,504
27 buster 18,395
28 Passw0rd 18,208
29 baseball 17,858
30 shadow 17,781
31 121212 17,134
32 hannah 17,040
33 monkey 16,958
34 thomas 16,789
35 summer 16,652
36 george 16,620
37 harley 16,275
38 222222 16,165
39 jessica 16,088
40 ginger 16,040
41 michelle 16,024
42 abcdef 15,938
43 sophie 15,884
44 jordan 15,839
45 freedom 15,793
46 555555 15,664
47 tigger 15,658
48 joshua 15,628
49 pepper 15,610

How to create a strong password

Creating a strong password needs the combination of alphabets, numbers, signs. Here are some examples: 
3Hghfwg-09;l or gTHncdsY93]ND 
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