Locky ransomware got hacked

Locky ransomware has raising destruction all over the world for past two months. Security researchers has already rated Locky as one of the most dangerous ransomware right now - researchers has failed to decrypt the files of Locky ransomware. However there is security holes in Locky ransomware also, which a White Hat hacker exploited according to Avira a German security firm.

Locky spread through email spam campaigns and encrypts the data of your computer once you download the infected attached file. Once the user clicks on attached file after downloading it; the Locky ransom the data and extort money from the user. There are many small and big business fallen victim to this deadly ransomware.

According to the German Cyber Security firm; an anonymous White Hat hacker was able to access and infiltrate a Locky C&C server and replace the ransomware payload with what it described as a dummy file which when downloaded on a victim's computer displays the message "Stupid Locky" rather than encrypting its contents.

Sven Carlsen an employee of Avira said; "I don’t believe that cyber criminals themselves would have initiated this operation because of the potential damage to their reputation and income stream,” He further added that; "He doesn't think that Locky Ransomware is dead after this security breach of their servers. The infiltration of a Locky C&C server does suggest that the operation is perhaps not as airtight as its operators might want to think".

This isn't the first time a White Hat hacker has hacked a ransomware or malware server. Dridex a well known banking Trojan has been previously suffered similar hacking attack. Hacking a Trojan or Ransomware is a unique thing because usually the skills of cyber criminals are much better than any White Hat or Security researcher. But, despite all those skills we are witnessing these cyber criminals out smarted by White Hat hackers time after time.

Details of White Hat hacker who hacked into Locky server are a big secret. The hack of Locky ransomware has showed the cyber criminals that, despite all their security measures they are vulnerable just like any organization in this era of security. 

Locky ransomware uses different servers established world wide to spread the malware; so hacking into a single server will not entirely impact the Locky ransomware threat. This Ransomware is spreading all over the world (specially in first world country) at an alarming speed. Every day the number of Locky ransomware victims are increasing and once you are infected user will consider paying those criminals what they demand to get his data back. 

Only way to secure yourself from this deadly ransomware is to take steps towards your security. There are many solutions available in the market; which can help you in securing your data from ransomware attack. 

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