US Government departments are the most vulnerable to cyber attacks

Cyber Security is one of the biggest issues of Obama administration; but in all these years it’s not wrong if we say the US government has failed to address these modern day cyber security threats. US government is failing badly to develop a security infrastructure, which can assure the security of its government departments and officials.

A new report published by a benchmarking firm shows; US government departments are ranked at the bottom among the major industries the real state, health care, retail and non-profit organizations. Last month a research was carried out by SecurityScorecard, which analyzed the 600 local, state, and federal government organizations which determined their security standards and ranked them accordingly.

Surprisingly the report showed government departments are in a really bad shape of defending them against these modern day cyber threats. Sectors which are most secured are technology, information security, construction and food. Telecommunication, Education and Pharmaceutical sectors are the ones who are also not secure from modern day threats.

Government departments have failed to meet up the security standards of any of these organizations. When you consider that big names like NASA, FBI and IRS are failing to secure themselves with those vast budgets it leaves you in shock. The increasing numbers of cyber attacks in US are a proof; how the lack of security knowledge have putting the common citizens data at risk.

Public sector organizations are more focused towards their security and paying top dollars just to provide the sense of security towards their customers.  While on the other hand government sectors officials data have been all over the dark web; just because the lack of security steps by Obama administration. More than 700,000 government officials data was breached last year; which included some high profile names like Hillary Clinton.

A huge spike in the Cyber Security budget is expected this year. Which may lead towards the positive growth of security industry – something we are predicting for a long time. A $5 billion increase is expected in the upcoming budget which makes the total spending reach to $19 billion.

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