Offensive Network Security Framework

This git stream is considered a live and unstable build. All stable entries are committed into a release package.

  • Fully manages system states automatically for Airbase-ng with bridging and ipv4_forwarding ability.
  • Configures all necessary elements and performs MITM, ARP, WPA Cracking, Sniffing and SSLstrip attacks.

offers an advanced section

Configuration file modified by user. All Access Point options, devices, and attacking methods are set here. The user may modify options before launching new attacks without interrupting current attack, as long as the current attack window remains open.
You may not comment out option lines but you may disable options if you decide on storing multiple possible options for testing. This is done by e.g. #IFACE1\=
Flexibility of ettercaps options have been preserved by allowing the user to change the options passed during execution.
Ettercap default switches are -Tqz the user could simply change that value to -Tq if they wanted to enable initial arp.

N4P uses it's own DHCP configuration for its Access Point creation. We do this so that connected targets can not view our machine inside the local network.

View of Access Point Airbase-ng running along with the custom connected clients monitor window. As clients connect to our AP their ip address will display here. Other monitor options are available by changing the MONITOR_MODE= option in n4p.conf file from option 2

Download and read more about the project.

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