Locky Ransomware: Most Destructive Ransomware of 2016

On February 16th 2016 the Infosec community has discovered that a new ransomware dubbed as "Locky" is quickly spreading and many have already been victimized by this newest ransomware. It is believed that the developers Locky ransomware are the one who created "Dridex" a financial Trojan. There are many similarities between those two especially the identical spam campaigns used to spread the Locky and Dridex.

Locky Ransomware was first discovered by a Symantec researcher who disclosed that; Locky ransomware has been aggressively pushed by the criminals through hefty spam campaigns and compromised websites. If you receive a spam email and have a feel like someone is tricking you in opening the attached file (like invoice), don't open it.

This ransomware encodes the data file on computers of the victims with the “.locky” extension. The ransom is being demanded varies from 0.5-1 Bitcoins. Just like the other variant of ransomware Locky also makes use of a powerful encryption. Because of strong encryption Locky makes  the data of any victim inaccessible, if victim doesn't have a backup. 

Locky has created an enormous impact this year, leaving its victims all over the world. From the start of this year the average number of victims of Locky ransomware are around 15,000 to 20,000/ week.The astonishing thing is that so far there isn't any significant development on how to stop this Locky ransomware infection. 

Locky makes use of rich features which comprises of custom encrypted communication, domain generation algorithm, RSA-2048+AES-128 file encryption, and BitCoin/TOR payment. This ransomware is skilled at encoding files of 160 file kinds which include source codes, databases, and disks.

How to protect yourself from Locky Ransomware a dedicated name in the industry has now provided a solution which addresses this destructive ransomware. It's a very simple two step process  which can secure you from Locky Ransomware attack. 

Step 1: Download and install .locky file virus removal software. Having launched the solution, hit Start Computer Scan button

Step 2: The tool will come up with scan results, reporting the detected malware. Select the Fix Threats option to remove all the infections that were found. This will lead to complete extermination of the virus under consideration.

Nabzsoftware also provides the victims of Locky ransomware a way to get their encrypted data back. So victims who are thinking about paying the criminals, Don't do it! NabzSoftware's automatic file recovery software is the perfect solution to get your precious data back.  

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