How to automatically remove YesSearches adware from Windows

Advertising Supported Software generally known as adware is a software application; which advertise banners of brands (mostly Adult sites) while a program is running. Adware are criticized all over the world by security personals because of the fact that, it tracks it tracks your personal/system information  and redirect it to a third party without your authorization and approval. Third party uses this accumulated information for marketing purposes.

What is

YesSearches is a suspicious web search engine that often comes bundled with freeware, malicious software and rogue programs. Once it is added to your browser, it will replace the existing homepage without your consent. 

When a user looks at YesSearches it seems like a harmless search engine, but a search engine which forwards your information like recently searched sites is not something you can count on. Removing YesSearches from your browser is a headache and many users have to read blogs or watch tutorials to manually remove it. Many users fail to remove the YesSearches adware even after extensive research on the internet; which can be a very frustrating thing.

Now has provided an automatic solution so, you don't have to go through the pain of reading blogs or watching tutorials. This will empower common users to get rid of this adware and secure your personal information without doing any extensive research. Automatic solution not only saves your precious time but also completely removes it.

How to automatically remove YesSearches from your Windows:

The advantage of automatic security suite is it not only get rid of this adware but also scans scans the entire system and detects all potential fragments of the virus, so user is only few clicks away from a complete fix. 

  1. Download and install recommended malware security suite.
  2. Select Start Computer Scan feature and wait until the utility comes up with the scan report. Proceed by clicking on the Fix Threats button, which will trigger a thorough removal process to address all the malware issues compromising your computer and your privacy.

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