FBI warns American citizens about Car Hacking risks

FBI has warned American citizens that they should be worried about the newest rising threat known as car hacking. Security researchers last year discovered numerous vulnerabilities in some big car manufacturers - Jeep and Fiat needed to recall their vehicles because of some severe bugs.

In an advisory issued by the FBI and the U.S National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; the modern day cars has become more connected which makes them extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks. Every car manufacturer is now focusing on connectivity of their upcoming models with smartphones and internet - It has increased the level of comfort.  But these manufacturers are ignoring the need to bug free software which has been installed in their cars. 

The motive behind these hacking attacks are to retrieve driver's data and manipulating cars functionality. Both FBI and the U.S National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants to raise awareness in American public about what steps should be taken if they fell victim to these cyber attacks. Few tips for manufacturers and general public are:

  • Ensuring vehicle software is up-to-date
  • Keeping an eye out for recalls
  • Being careful when making modifications to vehicle software
  • Exercising discretion when connecting third-party devices to vehicles
  • Being aware of who has physical access to vehicles
World haven't seen any major cyber attack related to car hacking, but the possibilities of such attacks remain highly possible. Motor manufacturers has setup a Information sharing and Analysis center; which will help manufacturers and government agencies to interchange cyber security information.  

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