Instagram finally introduces Two-Factor Authentication

Social networking app Instagram has finally introduced a two-factor authentication to its users. Instagram is a highly popular app in celebrities and public figures with over 400 million users around the globe. The two-factor authentication will allow those celebrities and other users to verify their phone number. This step will enable the instagram users to feel secure, because if anyone tries to log-in their account – you will receive an authentication code which must be entered in order to login instagram account.

Two-factor authentication is the best possible way to secure your any account. Many big giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook has moved towards this authentication process some years back. Instagram is behind this trend, but it seems like the favourite photo network app of this generation is finally getting with the time.

Users should keep an eye on the Instagram updates; because the current security pattern of Instagram is not a highly secure one. The surprising thing for anyone in the infosec industry is; why it took so long for such a big company to introduce this feature. Facebook who are the developers of Instagram are using two-factor authentication from past four years.

If a celebrity is targeted on instagram it may lead to deletion of  photos, attack your friends and spam the feed with ecommerce products and scam offers. Such a thing could be quite annoying and recovering the account without any special measure could prove extremely tough.

Currently, the instagram lacks firm security features. If you increase your account security nobody can see your photos just like Facebook privacy features. Plus one cannot download the photos of other on instagram. 

Ehacking Staff
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