PowerSploit – A PowerShell Post-Exploitation Framework

PowerSploit is a collection of Microsoft PowerShell modules that can be used to aid penetration testers during all phases of an assessment. PowerSploit is comprised of the following modules and scripts:

  • CodeExecution
  • Script Modification
  • Persistence
  • Antivirus Bypass
  • Exfiltration
  • Mayhem
  • Privesc
  • Recon
  • ReconDictionaries



Refer to the comment-based help in each individual script for detailed usage information.

To install this module, drop the entire PowerSploit folder into one
of your module directories. The default PowerShell module paths are
listed in the $Env:PSModulePath environment variable.

The default per-user module path is: “$Env:HomeDrive$Env:HOMEPATHDocumentsWindowsPowerShellModules”
The default computer-level module path is: “$Env:windirSystem32WindowsPowerShellv1.0Modules”

To use the module, type Import-Module PowerSploit
To see the commands imported, type Get-Command -Module PowerSploit

If you’re running PowerShell v3 and you want to remove the annoying
‘Do you really want to run scripts downloaded from the Internet’
warning, once you’ve placed PowerSploit into your module path, run the
following one-liner:

$Env:PSModulePath.Split(‘;’) |
% { if ( Test-Path (Join-Path $_ PowerSploit) )
{Get-ChildItem $_ -Recurse | Unblock-File} }

For help on each individual command, Get-Help is your friend.

Note: The tools contained within this module were all designed such
that they can be run individually. Including them in a module simply
lends itself to increased portability.

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