Hackers are now the biggest threat in securing U.S. borders

GPS spoofing and jamming is considered a real threat for a long time. It was first discovered by the Dr. Humphreys research team in 2013, when they presented their work in front of the world. Since then we believed that the latest model drones are not vulnerable to spoofing, but the revelations from Timothy Bennett last week has proved us all wrong.

According to Timothy Bennett, there are hackers who are backed by drug lords spoofing and jamming US Drones to avoid surveillance. U.S borders are now secured by the drones who provide complete surveillance to Homeland Security. But the drug mafia in US has now found a way to bypass these surveillance, which can be a big threat for the national security in long run.

This news opened a new debate among US officials who are trying to secure their borders at all costs. Bennett opened the pandora box last week when he said, ““The bad guys on the border have lots of money. And, what they are putting money into is spoofing and jamming of GPSs, so we are doing funding to look at small UAS that we can counter this”. 
But the question now is, are those small UAS (drones) are secure enough to avoid spoofing or jamming? Yes … It’s possible if the GPS signals are encrypted, only then a drone can be secure of commands from an outside source. 
It’s not a surprising thing that drug mafia is using hackers to get their products past US borders. But thing which should be alarming for any US citizen – if those drugs can come in US without being traced, how long will it take for organizations ISIS to follow the same route and exploit the border weaknesses of US borders with the help of Hackers to fulfill their goals.  

We all know that technology is now essential for the security of any country. But that same technology can be used against them, if it’s vulnerable. 

Ehacking Staff
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