Chinese Government confess US officials data breach was executed by their hackers

Earlier this year another office of US government fell victim to the cyber criminals and at that time many pointed their fingers towards Chinese hackers and government, and blamed them as the culprits of these attacks. This is not the first incident where US officials has been targeted by Chinese hackers.

Last year in a devastating cyberattacks more than 22 million US federal agents fell victim to these hackers, who compromised the confidential and personal data. Chinese government today confessed that it was their hackers who carried out these criminal activities, which came in light after the result of an investigation.

Xinhua which is the official Chinese news agency,  said that the cyber attacks on US officials earlier this year and the one last year is carried out by Chinese hackers. But Xinhua also added that these groups of hackers are not backed by the Chinese government.

This week officials from both countries met in Washington where they discuss the different cases like US Office of Personnel Management data breach. Both countries also discussed how to collaborate with each other on cyber security threats.

Xinhua further reported that, the two sides reached “consensus on fighting cyber-terrorism” as well as on initiatives aimed at strengthening their capabilities in battling cyber criminal activities. These would include the introduction of a hotline.

But even after this successful dialogue with Chinese officials, many top level US officials still are concerned with the activities of Chinese government. Even though these high level officials never pointed fingers towards Chinese government. This shows that Chinese government is becoming more sensitive to US concerns.

 Both countries reached an agreement on for assisting each other on cyber crimes and any other malicious cyber activity.  The second round of this cybersecurity ministerial talk will be held next year in Beijing. 

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