TOR crowdfunding project could raise millions

Tor has taken the first step towards it expansion beyond the borders of the United States after announcing the launch of its crowdfunding project this week. This is the first time Tor has launched a crowdfunding campaign, and many marketers already predicted that the TOR Project could end up raising millions from this campaign.

There is not a clear message given in a blogpost published on their official site about what the company wanted to achieve from this campaign. But it seems like Tor is planning to be less dependent on US government. Currently, US government is providing more than three quarter of their annual funding.

Tor said earlier this year that, they are planning to expand their operations around the world. Which will benefit the common people with added privacy. Tor is right now the favorite security tools of journalists in United States, some consider it as an essential way to keep in touch with whistleblowers.

On their campaign blogpost, Tor Project reflected how Edward Snowden was able to contact a journalist, which resulted in some very shocking revelations about how NSA is spying on its own citizens. The last date of Tor’s crowdfunding campaign is not mentioned in blogpost. Tor provided two options for those who are willing to fund its operations. First option is a one-time donation and the other one is monthly donations, funding starts from $10.

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