Talk Talk Hacking Scandal: Third teenage hacker arrested from London

Third teenage hacker was arrested in U.K. The arrest was made in early hours of Wednesday reported by metropolitan police. Teenager was arrested on suspension of his involvement in UK’s biggest hacking attack. The age of this young hacker is believed to be around 16. Around 2 Million users personal data were stolen last month which included their bank details, names, banking passwords and DOB.

So far four hackers are arrested but the shocking thing is three of them are teenagers, while the other one is also just 20 years old. Its a very concerning news for the cyber security firms in UK, where a teenage group of hackers can easily bypass the security of a well known company like Talk Talk.
Questions has already been raised on weather the UK telecom and broadband providers are taking right steps towards the security of their customers data. In last two weeks two major firms one broadband (talk talk) and other one telecom (Vodafone) has been breached.

Talk Talk released further details about hacking attack on last Friday, which indicated that customers effected from hack are much smaller in number than we initially thought. The hackers accessed around 21,000 bank account numbers and around 28,000 credit/debit card details of Talk Talk customers.

The hacker arrested today is still in custody of the Metropolitan police. But we believe he will be released on bail like the previous three arrested hackers. After these arrests UK government is also looking closely into Talk Talk data breach investigation and some more hackers are expected to be arrested in coming days.

Talk Talk also assured it customers that they will be contacted by the company, and will be informed about all the details of their personal data hackers accessed. 

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