Iranian Hackers targeting Obama Administration and State Department

Iranian group of hackers backed by their government are behind the hacking of U.S officials Emails and Social Media accounts, according to WSJ. In recent weeks we have seen some high profile American officials and Obama administration become victim of these hackers, who hacked into their personal email accounts.

US officials and Obama administration people are not the only one targeted by these Iranian hackers. Wall Street Journal further said some top American journalists and academies are also the victim of these hackers according to U.S officials.

It was previously suspected that Russian hackers are behind attacks on U.S. State Department and Obama Administration. The most high profile target of these Iranian Hackers is John Brennan, CIA Director whose emails are hacked just last month.

Other top officials of who feel victim of these hackers are Jeh Johnson who is the Secretary of Homeland Security and Hillary Clinton who is the part of Obama administration from 2009 to 2013. Hackers accessed more than 6000 pages of  Hillary Clinton’s emails, which provided them information of confidential policies of Obama administration.

These reports will only going to effect the relationship between the two countries. Which the world thought is improving after June, when Iranian and U.S officials dialogue ended successfully over Iran’s nuclear program.

US State Department officials are furious after this latest stint of Iranian Government, who backed their hacking groups to conduct cyber criminal activities on U.S officials. Even though there is no deal between the governments of these two countries, where they will not conduct hacking activities which targets other nation. But U.S officials never saw this coming from their middle east enemy.

Iranian hackers are previously involved in hacking activities in Asia and Middle East (Qatar,UAE,Saudia Arabia). Where they used fake LinkdIn accounts to target telecom,Defense and Governemnt sectors. 

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